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I Stuff them and steam...A whole head of minced Garlic, 1C Grated Parm Reg Cheese, 1C Italian Bread Crumbs, 1tsp Dry Oregano, S & P to taste and enough EVOO to bind like wet sand, about 1/4C+/-. Rub this in between the big leaves and leftover down the center. Steam, flower up, in 1" Water and White Wine about 45 minutes until the leaves and all that stuffing pulls away easily. So GOOD! Add a glass of Wine, some Olives, Crusty Bread, Imported Sharp Povolone and Prosciutto or Coppa...A nice meal!...JJ

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Sounds great!! If you like to dip combine ketchup,mayo,A-1, wercheier, soy sauce, pepper and if you like it spicy add hot sauce to taste!!
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