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polish sausage

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Just thought I would post a recipe for polish sausage we sell at work
it is awesome!

50# coarse ground Pork (3/8")
3# Sweet onions ground (3/8")
wieght taken after grinding
3/4# Salt
1/3# Black Pepper
4.5 oz jar Minged Garlic
2 cups Leaf marjoram (do not pack)

Mix all ingrediants then stuff in hog casings.
Has an incredible old style kielbasa taste
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Only 50 lbs? lol sounds good i just need to do about a third of that amount, thanks for sharing.
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I'm sure looking for some good recipes for sausage. I tried one for andouille sausage out of rytec's book and it called for 2 large onions for 10 lbs of sausage. I cut it back to one onions and it's still really onion strong and doesn't taste anything like any of the andouille I have ever seen or tasted. So Beware all you sausage heads.
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Thanks for posting the recipe SOB. I just might give it a shot. It's in my blood so to speak -- my grandparents used to make polish sausage. I'e eaten lots of it...never tried to make it.

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The recipe I'm using doesn't call for onion, it does call for cure #1 and 3 days in the refrigerator before grinding. I just started an 11 lb batch today to smoke before the game Sunday. Thanks for posting, I'll try your way next time.

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Sounds like a great recipe. I love a good polish sausage, but haven't found a recipe I really like yet. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Be sure you use a good sweet onion...we used a batch of regular yellow onions once and it was way too strong.
I know a 50 lb batch is kinda big but I figured all you fine intelligent people here could divide it down for yourselvestongue.gif Besides what do you want from me I'm just a dumb ol' meatcutter!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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What temperature do you smoke it at and for how long? I am going to try this this weekend.

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Since this doesn't have any cure in it it needs to be a hot smoke...225* -250* till it reaches Internal temp of 160*. I do believe!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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