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pre paint question

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I did a little paint removal with a cup wheel and a grinder. It did a good job removing the paint and rust. However there was a residue left on the metal. Any ideas how to remove it and prep for paint or is it OK just wipe it down with a rag and paint?

I read somewhere lacquer thinner. Anyone used this?


PS-Pictures soon to come
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When I redid the lid to the firebox on my Bandera I wiped off the residue with an old cotton tshirt. Make sure to use both a high heat primer and a high heat paint.
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Denatured alcohol would be a better solvent to clean up that residue. It evaporates quickly and is certainly less toxic than lacquer thinner.
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I'd try white vinegar before I used anything more harsh.
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Mineral spirits is the solvent of choice.

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