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Dirty Door Temp Gauges

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I was wondering, these tend to get quite dirty over time and wondered if it was worth while to clean them or would a dirty one throw off the readings on these replacement gauges I get from Lowes and such. Those prongs can get pretty nasty looking after quite a few smokes.
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try to wipe them down with a damp cloth of dish detergent and water. Do not have the cloth dripping wet but damp
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Actually my Smoke Vault's thermo meter in the door in pretty close to right. Ok get back up now and it's true.
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I clean mine every now and again. Can't say I've seen a difference.
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my gosm door is abount 20 deg off to the cold side
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Don't believe mine. I use a digital.
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Same here, mine is only 20 degrees low.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Not really sure what kind of smoker you have. I put a therm on the lid of my UDS, it's just for reference. I use a steel brush on the probe here and there to remove the buildup.

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