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Injecting a Pork Butt

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I have never injected my butts but have heard of some guys doing it. Does anyone on here do it? and if so would you mind giving me your recipe? I would like to try it on my next smoke. Thanks
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I do sometimes. I just mix the rub I am using with some apple juice and inject that. I am sure some are more creative but my family is picky about some flavors so I go with what they like.
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Every time I cook a butt, I inject. I generally don't follow a specific recipe, except I use Apple juice, and blend up until a powder a couple tablespoons of my rub. I often put a some Franks Hot Wing Sauce into the blend.

I'm doing a butt for Superbowl, and I am trying a whole new injection, no apple juice, but I'm not going to share until I taste the out come.

Heck you could just inject with Teriyaki sauce.
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I always inject the butt or picnic shoulder, basically fruit juce some vinegar, hot sauce, some rub. all good.
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Inject what ever tickles ya that day, I have tried ALOT of differnt stuff.
Juices-Pineapple,apple,cherry(very good),mango,peach.
Other stuff-Gateraid,energy drink,whiskey,beer.

Mixed with what ever you want, just make sure in goes thru a needle,or strain it first.
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Now I have never injected one of my butts but that doesn't mean I won;t inject one and I have one out for this weekend too.
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Injecting Pork Butt

Here's our recipe we use at home:

1)Use a strainer and dump 1 packet of Lipton soup mix into it. Discard the noodles and keep the soup "rub"

2) 1/4 cup Karo Corn Syrup

3) 1 tablespoon of prok rub

4) Top this off with 2 cups of White Grape Juice

In the comps we use a product called FAB (as do most of the big guys) instead of FAB. The soup mix has similar compounds like FAB but is much cheaper. These compounds help seal in the injection. Otherwise it ust cooks out.

Remember - pork like sweet. I would never inject pork with Teriaki - beef maybe but not pork.

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