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Spares in Rib Rack

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I picked up some nice rib racks awhile back, but have not used them yet. I have a propane conversion GOSM and plan on doing 3 racks. Of course normally I have to cut the racks in two. I surmise how the racks work, but what about after I wrap the ribs in foil (modified 3-2-1). Seems sitting on their side, I might see the juices running out easily from the foil.
Can someone ease my mind on this process? I am just not sure I will have enough room doing it my standard way. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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When the only smoker that I had it was also a GOSM the smaller unit. If you trim your ribs down to the St. Louis style ribs should be able to lay them down sideways in the smoker. Other then that it's the rib rack for you or you can cut them in half maybe and then lay then down flat.
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You'll be fine with foiling using the rib racks. I've used mine on a few occasions with out the juices coming out of the foil.
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you fold the foil up just right and they wont leak anything. Be careful about bones poking through though.
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Mine is actually a Charcoal version, converted to propane, probably 16 x 16". Normally that is what I do is cut them in half and lay them flat.
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