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Spareribs ??

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Has anyone used spareribs to make slabs of bacon?

The St. Louis style are on sale for Superbowl here, $1.39 / lb.

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I've never heard of doing this. Would you remove the bones prior to trying this?

Just curious as to what led you to think about using ribs to make bacon.
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One question if you made a BLT wouldn't the bones get in the way. Just Kiddin Why don't you just get some bellies if you want bacon.???? I have never heard of using ribs for bacon before but then I haven't heard of alot of things I hear in here either.
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While making today's lunch, I was rubbing a slab of ribs with spice and thought it doesn't look that much different from a belly, excluding the bones of course.

I was thinking that after curing and smoking, the rib slab would keep for a pretty long time. When used they could be cut between the bones and the boney bacon tossed in the bean pot, or who knows, maybe boney bacon would fry up just fine on low heat.

Also they cost 1/2 the price of belly, and I don't need to buy a 50 pound box as a minimum, for my first bacon attempt.

My local pig-killer only sells bellies in 50 pound boxes @ $2.69 lb.

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i personally would not do this.
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I am by no means an expert, but I have made belly bacon, buckboard bacon and canadian bacon. They are all good but all different. I have also cured and smoked a slab of ribs (regular temps, not cold smoked) and it was also good, but also different from the others.

I say go for it. There is nothing wrong with curing and smoking a hunk of pork. But I don't think you will end up with a product that is similar to belly bacon. It will be GOOD, it just won't be exactly like belly bacon.
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I know you gotta go with what you have locally, but it seems that $2.69 is pretty high. I got a pig processer here in Detroit that sells bellies to the public for $1.88 a pound and the Restuarnt Depot sells them for $1.17 a pound in a 50 pound case. If you can, shop around a bit.
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