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Giving it away

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This group contends that they came up with the fattie, and sell them online:

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Sadly, about 230 people have commented about their creation in the past 2 days.
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Now I have heard of the fattie for much farther back then a year ago. Heck I have been here almost a year and I have heard of it before then for sure. Well I'm sure they are just tring to make a name for themselves. But we all know much better than that. They didn't invent it cause it was invented by "William DeBeckry" the first man to operate on a living heart. He thought it would help out his bussiness.
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You have got to be kidding me, the fattie was around more than one year ago.
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those damn things are $30! i guess there are urbanites that can't/won't smoke their own food, but damn, $30!
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$30!?!? And I bet that is without shipping...
Hey, any of you out there want me to smoke and vacuum seal you a fattie? I'll sell them for $25 each, shipping included!
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Hey why don't we take orders and we can sell them for $30 a pop and raise some money for the web page and all get rich in the mean time. hahaha
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OMFG, $20 shipping! granted, it's shipped in dry ice, but by the looks of the delivery time estimate map, it's going priority mail (http://www.bbqaddicts.com/bacon-explosion/shipping.php). these guys are bbq rapist and i thought famous dave's was a joke.
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A $50 fattie, that thing better be made from prime premium extinct pig parts for that price!
When I lived in AZ you could buy dry ice almost everywhere, don't remember the price but it wasn't that expensive.

We should get all the members we can from the site to smoke a fattie this weekend with a bacon weave, if we get enough people then it could be the million dollar fattie weekend event!
Sounds like it makes you want to buy a new car...or at least a $50 fattie!

I'm game if we can get enough people...Million dollar fattie weekend event anyone?
Could even dedicate it to all the people who actually blew $50 ordering one of them.
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well, the USPS is not real cool with anything shipping through them that isn't junk mail or your bills. the USPS will jack the price up when you tell them, "uh...hehe...there's dry ice in there..heh." UPS or FedEx would prolly be cheaper, but then again they are making some money on the shipping too.
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I ship out coolers with meat via FedEx everyday, bet it will be closer to $40 to ship minimum. Sad thing is there are idiots out there with no sense of money. These guys are even on Wikipedia as the founders of the Fattie.
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They are crazy....
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They are right up there with Al Gore inventing the internet!! It is always surprising what folks will do to get noticed or a leg up. It is also amazing what rich folks will pay for. They must think the fattie is the most decadent thing they have eaten. icon_wink.gif
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That's crazy. I'm pretty sure I can find a couple hundred posts on this site for those that are more than a year old. But God Bless Capitalism.

I did check the wikipedia page
and the only thing I can think of is that they're calling it the Bacon Explosion and not a fattie. So maybe that's why there's not some uprising.

Unfortunately on the original url
the comments section is closed. I was going to direct everyone to this site so they could see that these guys were NOT the inventors of this wonderful creation.
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HA! I just altered their Wikipedia page and included this forum as a source. Here's what I wrote...

There is some confusion about who the actual inventor of this creation actually is. It's easy to see that BBQ and meat smoking entusiasts have been creating a dish called a "Fatty" or "Fattie" for years. On a popular forum called "Smoking Meat Forums" http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=175 there are people who have been creating these little jems of meat and bacon with a whole variety of fillings.
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Someone must have to approve your editing because it's not there now

They must be doing them in a commercial kitchen I would assume
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thirty seems fair lol i spent about that much on the first two fatties i made around 35 or 40 wow
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Good Job Dude, FWIW, I just did a quick search on here and the oldest fattie post that I came up with was posted on 09-17-2005, 03:08 PM and that referanced earlier ones.
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Hey Guys, guys what I just invented-You take a beef brisket and season and slow smoke for about 12 hours and it tastes great!
Crazy huh? Yep...I just invented this myself...maybe I should go and join Serious Eats too!
Stay tuned to find out my next invention...cured and slow smoked pork bellies.....Mmmmmmmm.......Now I just need a name for it...pork explosion maybe...PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I'm thinking we need to create a BBQ guild. Basically agree upon some basic recipes / regional ones and agreed upon / confirmed expenses for ingrediants / fuel.

Single website to take orders, then regional BBQers complete the order and ship as locally as possible.
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