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Deal Alert!!! 19mm Casings @ Cabelas - Page 2

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Still On Sale!

19mm Snack Stick Casings at Cabelas Bargain Cave for $5.88. Enough to do 25lbs of sticks!


Just got mine.

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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How do you tell your a Newbie?

You read a post like this and think "Wow there must be a lot of folks on this forum that reload their own ammunition"

At first I saw '9mm casings', took me the better part of the first page to figure it out. Got a chuckle out of it though.

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They take the smoke fine. I just made 50 lbs last weekend. Will post pictures later.
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Thanks Hounds! Do they seem good and strong too? That is the other thing I've noted different between collagen for fresh (doesn't have to hang in a smoker) and collagen for smoked (needs to support a fair amount of hanging weight).
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These are process type collagen casings. I believe collagen casings for fresh sausage are basically the same, but have thinner walls.

We've used these in the past with good results.

Here's a pic from the package

Can't beat the price of $5.88 in Cabelas Bargain Cave!

Still Available.


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I did 5 pounds of pepper sticks with them this past weekend They stuffed real tight and smoked with out a problem.
One problem I did have though is toward the end of the tube that I had on the stuffer, the last 1.5-2 foot split open. I never had this happen before, the split just ran no matter what I tried. I really can't say if it was me , my somewhat dry mix or the casing but I ended up with 4.5 pounds of sticks and 2 small burgers cause I wasn't going to mess with reloading a new tube. Either way still a great deal and I'm very pleased. Thanks Guys
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Just an F.Y.I. these casings have been on sale for quite some time. I am not sure, but I think they might be on sale for a short while. Probally till spring, which is soon.
I just bought 7 packs of the 19mm casings. I think they will be safe to store in the crisper part of the refridge. I also double vac seal them for storage
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got mine they are smaller then my smallest tube but i made a new tube out of some pex a nylon washer and a flaring tool works great total cost for new tubes 7.00 i made 3 and have enough tube to make 2 more .lol
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Yount ,a little more info on how you made the tube. I didnt think the pex would hold the flare. Also how does the washer attach,and where did you find the washer? Thanks
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ok i found the washer at ace hardware and the pex i got from lowes i had to drill the washer to fit tightly on the pex then i flared the pex and pushed the washer as far as i could into the flare it is sealed tight when packing here are some pics of the tube the washer was the exact diameter as the stock tubes sorry cant remember the exact size of the pex what i did was took a piece of the casing with me and checked fit at if you need more help let me know all the rest of the stuff is out in garage its snowing and cold so didnt want to go out.

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You guys are really startin to think now. This kind of improv is what made America great!!!!! Thanks fer sharing
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pex was 3/8 washers were 1-1/2" diameter 1.78 for pex .50 for washers
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Even if they're not smokeable, all good for breakfast sausage...this place makes me hungry.
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Does anyone know how long these will last when stored in the Fridge?


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Did I miss something? I ordered these too and they're in my cabinet. They don't need refrigerating. Keep them dry and in normal temp ranges and they'll last pretty much forever until you need them.

Great deal by the way! Half length tubes, but that still makes them about 1/2 off of the others that I could find. Glad to hear that they take the smoke, or at least the internal meats do.
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After I open them I keep in the fridge in a sealed plastic baggie. I've had one pack for 2 years as I only use it for snack sticks and make only about 24' per year.
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No you can store them at a reasonable room temp, but in the summer I don't have air, except for the bedroom, so in the crisper part of the refer they go.
Also these casings realy take the smoke well. It seems that I can't make them fast enough. I open a bag up and there gone. Every one that eats them tells me I should go into business making them. I tell them that smoking is just a hobby, and if I made it a business, it wouldn't be fun anymore.
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It's still on!

I finally got around to it and ordered my casings today!

The 33mm casings are out of stock, but 3 packs of the 19mm are on their way.
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