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January Throwdown Voting Poll - Page 2

Poll Results: Who is the winner of the January Throwdown?

Poll expired: Feb 6, 2010  
  • 0% (1)
    1. Lil Smokies with Sriracha BBQ Sauce and Cream cheese and Ham "Belly Buttons"
  • 2% (3)
    2. Tomato Pine Nut Appetizer with Smoked Pine Nuts & Smoked Mozzarella
  • 1% (2)
    Cured Smoked Pork Trotters, Smoked Chicken Wings with Chipotle Sauce, Duck Potstickers, Spanakopita
  • 5% (7)
    4. Smoked Chicken Wings using Thai Sauce
  • 1% (2)
    Hand Cut Smoked Potato Chips
  • 7% (9)
    Pastrami Reuben Portobello Caps
  • 5% (7)
    Wings, Bacon wrapped chicken breast chunks,Chicken and bacon
  • 2% (3)
    Abt's, breakfast smoky links ,pineapple chunks wrapped in bacon
  • 5% (6)
    Pulled Pork Eggrolls with dipping sauce
  • 6% (8)
    Smoked Gouda Stuffed, Bacon Wrapped, Spicy Buffalo Balls
  • 11% (14)
    Smoked Bacon Wrapped Oysters, Smoked Crab Mini Cakes, Smoked Alligator Bites
  • 4% (5)
    Salmon Three Ways
  • 38% (45)
    Smoked Chile Rellenos Stuffed with Chorizo and Cheese
  • 1% (2)
    Hickory Smoked Cheesy Crusted Pizzas
  • 3% (4)
    Smoked Beef Chuckie Nachos with Smoked Cheddar Cheese Sauce and Cold Smoked Pico de Gallo
118 Total Votes  
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Wow. Glad to see that everyone is stepping up their game. Great job to everyone that entered and happy voting.
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That means my vote will count twice???icon_mrgreen.gif
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Awesome entries folks...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifTo one and all PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Great lookin appz. Seems the bar has been raised! Great job!
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Amazing job by all!!! I have a weakness for seafood but everything looked great points.gifNow I have a lot of ideas for this weekends SouperBowl !
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Wow, that was a tough one! Lots a great choices there, an winners all of em!
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It all looks good, I like the hand cut potato chips idea. But they all look great. good Job
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Love those rellenos!!!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I can't wait to see the pics and the recipes - Great job by all
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Amazing!!! nice job all!!! freakin amazing!!
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I've senn some great dishes being presented, and they are all worthy of competition. I'm impressed with the turnout, I can tell all the passion is expressed in your smokes. It's all good my friends.
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I cannot make a decisiion until I tried them all.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifNow it's really hard to pick one I could maybe get it down to 3-4 maybe. Congats to all that entered and I would really like to have all of these on my table when serving AppsPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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My top 3 were the pastrami bites, pinon and mozzerella, and relleno. It was hard, I knocked the relleno out of the running because I just think it's not quite an appetizer, too big.

It was really a toss up between the other two. I went with the ruben bites because thats what I wanted to eat at the moment.
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Great.....the warranty on my monitor does not cover saliva, and the wife is pretty pissed about all the tounge streaks tongue.gif. #13 all the way points.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I have to defend number 13. That is an appetizer. Just because whoever smoked it took a close up picture of it, on a small plate, does not mean its very big. Look at the size of the lime slices. I'm pretty sure those are two bites and theyre gone... And last time i was at any major restaurant, or even looked at some of the appetizers that i make, most are at least two bites! Who here eats mozzarella sticks in one bite?? BTW>.. I did not cook these, and i do have an item in this throwdown, and yes i voted for my own. but if i had two votes... those stuffed chilis would have been it!!! Congratulations whoever made them!! They look unbelievably delicious!!! PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
There have been several comments about this dish, and i feel someone should step up and at least represent the other side. that person is me.
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Congrats to all, I would love to see them all in a buffet table.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Aptz or not?

First I have an entry. Secondly I would like to try and remove any doubt weather the Rellenos are a appy or not.

Look closely at the finely composed and balanced photo. These are not large papblanos as we often associate meal size rellenos with. I do not know the variety of pepper used but they are a smaller pepper of some sort. Also my wife and I eat out at finer resturants on a regular basis. This dish is not out of line with aptz I have seen and enjoyed based soley on its size. Even at chain establishments the chicken strip appys are at least this size. I think we tend to confuse a aptz. with Hor de Vorse if I spelled that correctly, and personally believe there is a subtle difference between the two. To some extent they may be enterchangable but this dish is outstanding as a aptz.

I would love to have this in front of me and look forward to the recipe. I hope the person who made these will post it when all is said and done.
Lets move on with the show and have a good time.

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Let me give you a hand with that hors d'oeuvres

Shooter... congrats on your 1000th post.

I also have an entry.... I also agree number 13 is an appetizer and it is well done.

I do caterings every weekend... we often serve smoked mini rellenos as the first course. (hors d'oeuvres translates to "apart from the main") Substantial enough to stand on its own, but leaves room for the main. Actually it allows us to serve something cheaper to fill you so we can serve less of the expensive main course.
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LMAO! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Some day I will tell the story of my young at the time son mad as hlll cause I was takin mom to a bank party that had whores and stuff at it! LMAO!
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