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OK guys , I really need your help !!!

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First off , I'm dirtybird57 and been a member here over a year now. For some reason I couldn't log in (about 2 months now) sent admin. an email without any response. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif ... No big deal ... Just thought I would throw this in... PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

I just sold my trailer mount smoker(with firebox) and I am looking to buy an electric smoker. I have "No Clue" which one to purchase.... I like the idea of the Bradley system but they are so freaking small ... I looked at it and the 40" MES (with the window) this weekend. How does the MES work as in Chips,Pellets.Chunks ??? How long does it burn before having to reload ????

I have people that I smoke meat for on the weekends and I am looking for something I don't have to babysit like my old wood smoker ...

I am open to any suggestions ..... PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I have the MES 40' and like it, about every 30 40 minutes you have to add chunks or chips. Plus you can buy the chunks anyware not at the bradley site. I know someone here is not satisfid with the bradely, check out beerbbqs posts.
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MES with a Smoke Daddy Mod will get you 4 hours + on smoke time.
This thread has a catalog of MES Mods with some Smoke Daddy's
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So would I use the Big Kahuna ????
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I bought and use the 8" and it works fine. If I were to do it over again I would go for the Big Kahuna... I always like to have "more than enough."
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My neighbor has a Bradley. Loves the end food product but finds the smoker way too small. He is looking at a Traeger now.
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I own the 40" MES and have had GREAT LUCK so far.

Looked at the Bradley, but not thrilled to be stuck using their proprietary wood pucks.

For $299 at SAMS, it's a great deal and costs less than a Bradley Digital. Continued savings on the cost of consumables(wood chips).

The pucks for a Bradley cost about $.40ea, and burn up every 20 minutes. You also have to waste 1 or 2 during every smoking.

Both are Very Good Units.


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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First, Welcome To SMF...

Don't forget to stop by Roll Call and Introduce yourself to us and tell us a little about your equipment and experience.

That will give everyone a chance to properly welcome you...


I have a Bradley Digital 6 rack and cannot recommend them. I have had problems with mine getting up to temps and have never been able to get it over 200ยบ. They sent me a new heat sensor which I had to install myself, so much for their guarantee, they send you a part and you do the labor.

The pucks burn for 20 minutes and a new puck is advanced and the partial one goes into the water pan. 12 pucks last 4 hrs about 10.00 worth of pucks. MES you can get wood chips and chuncks anywhere, even your front yard if you have the right trees.

The width of the box is too narrow 17" as opposed to 24" on the MES.

Heating element is 500 watts on the Bradley as opposed to 1250 watts on the MES.

Bradley costs $599.00 as opposed to the MES costing $299.00 at Sam's and there you can get a 3 year warranty for only $39.00 more making the MES total $338.00 + tax.

I am getting an MES and SELLING my Bradley...
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I'm gonna throw in the wrench I would go with the gassers like a GOSM Big Block or even a Smoke Vault 24"
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Depeneding on Budget I would look at the Cookshack. You place your wood Chunks in (3-4oz Chunks not chips) and it will last for an entire smoke never needing to add more. This is great for that all night pork but or Brisket. I have a Cookshack and my BIL has the 40" MES with window.


Pros build quality, no need to add chips, customer service,
Cons cost, cooking space

Pros cost, size
Cons have to add chips every few hours, build quality (hot spots/insulation/door latch)

This is by no means a bash on the MES as I have eaten some great Q from it. I just prefer the simplicity and build quality of the cookshack but for many the double price difference is not worth it.
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My Bradley was great to learn on, if I had to do it over now, I might pick something cheaper to use.


I still love my Bradley for cold smoking. I like to make LOX and it works GREAT for that, plus I only need 2 pucks. Regarding getting it to temp, I used to have that problem as well, and I did the following (might work for any electric smoker)

I bought a toaster oven sized pizza stone, and I pre-heat that in the oven to about what ever temp I want to smoke at. Then I pop that in the smoker when it is all ready to go. When I used this method, I actually got the smoker to temp, in around 0C weather, to about 5-10 degress of the set oven temp on the digital read out. The digital readout for internal temp was accurate to my own digital probe.

Also been looking at this:

mainly only because I may give my Bradley to my dad to learn how to BBQ with.
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Thanks for all the input ...... I bought the 40" MES at Sam's today, also took the advice and add the 3 year extended warranty... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Probably fire it up this weekend to test it out... have a feeling a Big Kahuna is in my near future.... PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I just picked up the Sams Club MES a week or so ago with the warranty. I have had a chance smoke 2 racks of spare ribs and 4 ears of corn for dinner last Sunday. The corn was great, but the ribs needed more smoke. But for my 1st try at smoking I was happy. I think I will stop at home depot to get a 12x12 tile and give it a try also.
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What's up with the 12x12 tile ???
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There's a hot spot along the right side, so Ron came up with a fix.

Place a 12"x12" tile on top of the smoke box and it deflects the heat.

Yes, It Works!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks ... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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