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Spare ribs sucked

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Let this be a lesson, the quality of meat makes a HUGE difference. I normally get my ribs at the local butcher but unfortunately he was out this past Friday when I went shopping.

Instead I went to a local grocery and bought some that were cryovaced. Boy was that a mistake, those ribs totally sucked. I used the same rub, same method, same fuel and I have to admit these had to be as bad a rib as I ever made.

I mean they were edible but they surely were nothing to be proud of. Never, never will I buy anything but fresh ribs ever again

OK, rant over.
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was it the texture, flavor or both..........
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like a big chain grocer or a sams/costco place?
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They were fattier than normal and the meat just wasn't as tender. It was an over all thing. Just not a good quality rib.
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A smaller local chain.
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i've had some bad cryoslabs and for me the bad ones were tough as hell and flavorless.............but i have had some good ones as well. i guess it is just a crap shoot.
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I know what you mean. I just bought a case of ribs from my buddy and they aren't very good. I got them really cheap because he works for them ($1 lb) but they came in a box all frozen together and they just kind of smelled strange. I was hoping when I rubbed them and cooked them that I wouldn't have that flavor in the meat but it was there in some bites. I can't explain the smell/taste but its nothing like the baby backs I usually get at Sams. I have about 10 racks left and I don't really want to eat them.
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sorry to hear that rick, it sucks that some crappy meat ruined your smoke.

And some folks wonder why i am so picky about where I get my meat, why I am so anti "enhanced" meat, and why I have no problem spending a little extra for quality.
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I usually don't get enhanced meat of any kind Jim but I figured in a pinch it would be OK, I was wrong.
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I hear ya, if I cant get fresh or unenhanced nowdays, I change the menu.

I gotta make my call on the Super Bowl menu pretty quick, either a top notch butt from Sage's(which Ill have to reserve), or give Restaurant Depot a shot when I go gt my membership there Saturday.
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I thought about doing that but didn't.
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thats cool.

just think how good that next batch you are going to do is going to taste...PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Not So Good

I had the same experience last weekend. They were edible but not real good. I started a thread on this subject today.

Rp Ribking
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You gotta look for the enhanced tag for sure .. an enhanced pork butt git me two weekends ago . Like you I will get fresh from now on . Thanks for ahraing the info .
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Man I'm really sorry there Rick. You said that it was a smaller local butcher that you got them from? What was the name on the packaging so maybe we could avoid them too.???
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