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Country style snacks..

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I got these CS ribs and they are pencil-thin. I smoked up some about a week ago and man did they make for some great finger food. I put the second pack in the GOSM today just for fun..

Camera fogged up when i opened the door!

Cleared up a bit..

While they're in the smoker, I figured i'd give ya a tour of my back yard.
In this shot is my shed, blue barrel composter (not the zep barrel but the one behind the tree) and behind the big wheel is the tortoise den.

To the left is my garden under construction. The t-posts are for grapes and the three raised bed are for whatever.. my son , 5, wants to grow tacos..

This is my patio with my cooking equipment and kegerator..
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you must be in the fancy part of mesa.............
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Ohh yeah, really upscale 70's ranch style tracts here..icon_wink.gif
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same here in tempe..............didn't see no graffiti on the inside of yer walls!
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You got it made....we can't grow taco's here, the seasons to short.
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The only graffitti you'll see on the inside of my walls will be the blood from the poor sob i find within themPDT_Armataz_01_41.gif

These CS ribs are the crab legs of pork..
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Nice Looking CSRs...

If you got any extra Taco Seed send me some I will see if it will Grow in Kansas...icon_mrgreen.gif
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I'm startin to like these CSribs. They take some smoke well and cook relativaly fast with little prep work..
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atta boy.....and love the crab leg remark and they doo look good!
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You going to the havabbq ?
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not going to able to make it..........
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