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Grats man!
Yeah, my boy was born on January 6th lol just missed it.
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One great big
You did a great job there Div and tell the wife we're happy for the two of you.
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Congrats, she's a cutie.
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Thanks all ... things are going okay, being new parents for 4 days now we probably overanalyze and worry to much about things ... the day we left the hosp she had a test for jaundice and the level was 8.4 and she had another test today that was around 12 ... it going up made us worry quite a bit but the pediatrician assured us that there was no need to look into it further unless it was at 17 or 18 so hope hes right ..
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Goo-Goo View?

Congrats to you and your wife.

She is adorable!

Looks like "goo-goo view" to me!!

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