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SBC Chicken Sausage

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Finally got a chance to make ShooterRick's Snake Bitten Chicken sausage. I winged it as I went along.

6 lb boneless, skinless chicken thighs
4T SBC rub
3/4 c injection liquid

Ground only once using the bigger holed plate. Stuffed into 32/35 casing.
After being ground, I put in the fridge overnight. Did not add seasonings until this morning.

5 lb links, saved one pound for chicken sausage patties for me for lunch.

I'm not sure if I'm going to smoke some or not. Initial taste test was good. I would add more rub next time, but would do that to half the batch because I live with wimps.
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Looks good Dawn. As I said before we like it best grilled. Nice Links!
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Those look fantastic Dawn, very very nice. How did you make the injection?
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That's gonna be tasty!
Nice job Dawn, did you use a KitchenAid for the entire process?
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Wow those look great - Looking forward to hearing about the injection sauce too. Thanks for posting
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I used the injection liquid from ShooterRick's SBC rub recipe.

Yes, it's all I have for now.
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Haven't tried making sausage yet but considered the grinder/stuffer for the KitchenAid but had heard some complain about the stuffer being a pain but your sausages looked like they came out fine to me.
How would you rate its grinding/stuffing abilities?
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wimps (grin) those look great Dawn,I havn't found anything that SBC rub don't go with.ya seems you needing to start making seperate batches.
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As a grinder it works great, haven't had any problems.

The last time I made sausage it was a job and a half to use the stuffer. Not sure if it was operator error or what. This time it went smoothly and quickly. I don't know if I would make big batches of sausage using it, but for 5-10 lbs it works fine.
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Two of the SBC links disappeared as soon as I brought the platter in. Got 4 PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif for taste. They were moist inside, not dried out at all. The casing held them together nicely. Next time I will do a batch for me with at least 2T more of rub. The only other change I might do is a bit of binder of some sort. Not really sure it's necessary though.

The other sausages on the platter are store bought kielbasa and brats that the kids picked up the other day while we were at BJs.
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Looks Great Dawn...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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is that really only 5lbs of meat that made all those links? i hope so thats a good amount for one filling of my new stuffer.
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Yes, it's about 5lbs of meat. I didn't feel like dragging out the scale so just eyeballed it.
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