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20 lbs half and half.

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Well I wasn’t going to do sausage till next week but with pork butts at 87Cents a pound I figured why thaw pork! Last night I measured seasoning for 10 lbs breakfast and 10 lbs Italian Sicilian since we were out of both.

This morning I boned 2 butts and had a vac pack of trimmings I had tossed in the fridge Thursday to thaw. Funny think between the trim and butts I had exactly 20lbs 2 oz.of meat.

I coarse ground the first 10 lbs partially froze, for breakfast and mixed seasoning in. A 1/4 plate was used for both.

After returning the breakfast sausage to the fridge I ground the second 10lbs for Italian. Once mixed I fry tested both and they were true to my recipes. The Italian was also returned to the fridge before stuffing as we had a birthday to attend.

This afternoon I began stuffing Italian in hog casings while Sandy began packing the breakfast for the freezer. Since the Italian was very cold and stiff it was a bit harder to stuff but my 15 lb. Gander Mountain stuffer handled it fine.

Since these are basic fresh sausage grinds I didn’t go into great detail of the process. If you have any questions I will be happy to respond. I will say the breakfast was top shelf sage with a bit of heat on the back end. The Italian Sicilian was excellent. We had breakfast for supper last night! LOL
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Mmmmmmmmmm! Fine looking sausage!points.gif
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Its nice to make small batches like that then it doesn't seem like such a whole production and take up a whole weekend. The only bad thing is your sausage is gone in no time. haha
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LOL. Since I make andouille, breakfast, Italian, Keilbasa, Brats, we always have a variety in the freezer to choose from. This way many small batches lasts a while. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Very nice there Rick I really like making sausage too. I also I've made breakfast, chorizo, brats, some snack sticks and just made some anduille last night and it will go into the soker this afternoon. Yours really looks great and it nice to have some good recipes for the sausage also.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifWhat knid of grinder is yours it looks just like mine??
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What knid of grinder is yours it looks just like mine??[/quote]

I took a chance several months ago and bought it on ebay for 100.00 bucks. 1800 watt QuizinPro out of Canada. Works great and does a fine job. I have never ran it on high speed as it keeps up on low as fast as I can feed it.
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Good lookin sausages. I guess my next new experience will be
stuffin some . I got a couple humongus grinders with a #12 hobart
size plates . I think 2 3/4 ? recon I can get some stuffer tubes for them?
I can make them but it is a hassle. What size casings do U recomend and
where do I get them ? Thanx, Hemi.PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Try these links for tubes: I stuff mine in 35-40mm hog casings I buy at a local meat shop. If ya talk to your butcher at the grocery they may be willing to sell ya some.
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Looking good from here.
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Sausage Looks Great Rick...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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