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Trigg style ribs

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Had to try these. They are really good.
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Lookin really good! points.gif
How was the weather there compared to Dayton, OH (1.5 hrs away roughly)? It was 24* w/ a windchill of 12* while doing my smoke a little bit ago.
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So what was your recipe if you care to share???
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About the same here.
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It was from the show BBQ Pitmasters. Parkay, brown sugar, & honey applied when you wrap them.
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Oh ok yea I am going to try that tomorrow on my ribs I thought you maybe found an in depth recipe. How did you like the Parkay on there? That still just seems strange to me.
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Those are some thick ribs, very nice!
Gonna give it a try though the ribs I get around here can be hit or miss on quality.
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who is trigg?
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I've been waiting for somebody to post some of these. Great job. I only wished you'd have taken some more pictures as you put them together.

points.gif for trying something new.
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I think he also mentioned that he used tiger sauce also.
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Well I have not watched the BBQ Pitmasters yet this week but I am about to go watch it in a few minutes so I can see the Trigg ribs. One question do you think the butter needs to be parkay? I don't have any right now and I am doing ribs this afternoon. Should I go get some parkay or do you think other butter will work?
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Is it the pitmaster Johnny Trigg. Now he really seems down to earth and really someone there that you could just walk up to and he would maybe share some smoking styles and maybe even a trick or two. One of the only gys on that show that I would like to meat. Now as for your ribs they look awesome and I see you didn't trim them I like that the most.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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They look excellent. Great job.
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Just some guy that's won over half a million on the circuit.Johnny Trigg – BBQ Pitmaster Of Smokin’ Triggers | | Johnny Trigg – BBQ Pitmaster Of Smokin’ Triggers

About the Author
I– BBQ Pitmaster Of Smokin’ Triggers
Johnny Trigg has been cooking barbecue, and winning, for some years now. Infact, so far he has managed to bag over $550,000 dollars in prize money as he has worked his way through a myriad of BBQ events while claiming a whole slew of titles along the way.Featured in the TV show BBQ Pitmasters that has aired over the last few weeks on TLC, Johnny has been fortunate enough to escape a great deal of anguish that the other competitors have (see the power outage that affected Lee Ann Whippens rottiserie).Alvarado born Texan, Johnny Trigg is well known for his top quality ribs, winning solid placements in events, and was named Grand Champion in the 15th annual Pork Checkoff-sponsored Great Pork BarbeQlossalTM way back in 2002.At the time, his winning team, Smokin Triggers, earned cash and prizes including the grand prize of $5,000 and a Kingfisher Kooker valued at $1,700.Things have only move onward and upward for Trigg since then, as he also won the Jack Daniel’s Championship in 2000 and 2003 and so far, has taken over 40 Grand Championships nationwide.Much like Tuffy Stone, the relatively laid-back Trigg who is often called "The Grandfather of BBQ", favors the use of a 26" offset Jamie Geer built Jambo Pit that he has used with great success since he started competing seriously over a decade ago.
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i tried these tonight without the tiger sauce because i couldn't find it anywhere..did some spares 3-2-1 style and man were they good. i should have gone lighter with the honey because they were almost too sweet.
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Looks pretty darn good to me. I'd eat them. icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif
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