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First Smoke on the ECB, BB ribs

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well today is the day. after spending all morning tileing the backsplash in the kitchen I got my smoker going, got the ribs ready and threw them on. I was a little late getting them going as the smoker took an hour to get up to 225, so they have been apple juiced and foiled and are 30 min into that stage.
I'll have the pick up later.

One question, for thoes that put the sauce on them when do you do it? when you unfoil and put them back on?

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If your using the 2-2-1 method, you'll want 2 hours on smoke, 2 hours in foil (put a little of your mop in there as well) and then 1 hour on back on the heat. If you're going to sauce, I would recommend adding the sauce 30 minutes before you're planning to take them off. That way you let the sauce warm up and form a little bit of a crust.
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Thanks yup using the 2-2-1. Do you add smoke for the last hour also?

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I always do.
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I'm a gasser, so I don't. If you're a stick burner and don't want anymore smoke, you could throw them on the grill and finish. If you don't want to do that, I don't think throwing them back on the smoke wouldn't hurt. As we speak, I've got a set of bb's on that I left on the smoke for 3 hrs, and have done so before without any negative effects.
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ok, thanks. I think when I get my welder next week I am going to start looking for metal to build myself a better smoker.. this ECB just takes to long to warm up, but my biggest problem is I had to cut two racks in half and then use a rib rack to get them on the grill surface...

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Lol, I just noticed you're in BC!!! What's the temp outside? That will play a big part in how long it takes to get your smoker warmed up. When I warmed mine up, it was 24* w/ a windchill of 12* and took much longer then I'm used to with my GOSM. I'm normally up to temps within 15 mins, and took me about 30 today.....I know, I'm impatient, lol.
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its 38 today, light rain, and a slight breeze. I got the smoker under the cover of my deck so very little breeze and no rain on it. I am running the water pan empty also. it did alright.. held 235 for a couple hours dropped to 220 for an hour and is sitting at 215 right now and I just lit another chiminy so in 15 min I will dump that in and I should b good till the end.

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Wow, I can't believe it's colder here in Ohio then it is in Canada! Good luck with the rest of your smoke. I smoked a brisket last weekend in similar weather. I had to put up a canopy in my small back yard, and wrapped one side of it with a tarp to make sure the wind didn't wrap around my shed that I had the tarp set up against. It was wild to see, but worked like a charm! BTW, what kind of wood are you using?
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well that was neat.. never seen a chiminy full of lump going good.. was shooting sparks 8 foot high.. I'll make a note not to do that 2 feet from the garage again. icon_smile.gif

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LMAO!!!!!!!!! BUH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif I swear I'm not laughing at you, just with you!!!!!!
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well here is the q-view. I didn't get a pic of the smoke ring as there wasn't one.. it was pink right to the bone icon_smile.gif they turned out awsome, so I think the wife was hinting at a lot more smoking happening.

all rubbed up ready for the BBQ

time for foil

time to eat

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Lookin great! Glad everything came out good for you points.gif
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