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Impromptu Baby Back Smoke w/ qview

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Went to Sam's Club today to pick up some bb's for the Super Bowl next week (actually ended up w/ a pack of bb's and spares- spares are on sale for 1.77/lb.) when I realized that there were 3 to a pack (as were the spares). This is the first I've ever bought ribs from Sam's, so I threw them into the cart, got home and figured since I'm only doing 2 sets next week, why not take this opportunity to do a set today. So I got the smoker out, put in some apple wood and trying the AJ and water in the water pan, rubbed the ribs up w/ my rub and just waiting to throw them in! Since I'm putting my apple to work today, I'll be doing next week's smoke w/ cherry. Anyway, enough w/ the blah, blah, blah, here's the ribs waiting to hit the smoke. More to follow!
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Sweet. Good luck with your smoke.
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Looking good so far! Keep us posted with the QviewPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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thats looking good, I was going to smoke my first butt but then it decided to snow mad.gif
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It rained last week when I did my first brisket....gotta love canopy's! It's freezing here today (24* with a wind chill of 12*) and the wind just decided to kick up. Had the smoker at the right temp, but now it's hovering around 200*. I'll just have to keep making minor adjustments until I can get it dialed in.
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Here's the spares that I got. I took them out of the cryo pack (along w/ the bb's) and sealed them in their own individual packs. God I love food savers! This pack weighed in at a little over 15#'s for 3 racks. Not too bad looking either.
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How are things looking on the smoker? Ribs ought to be half way or getting close by now...
Sorry to hear about the struggle to get the temps up, glad I finished my smoke earlier today so now I can keep warm.
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looks like you are off to a great start...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'll snap off a pic when I head out next in about 30 mins. They're coming along great. This is by far the coldest temp that I've ever smoked at, so it took a little bit to get the temps dialed in. But now I'm all set and holding around 235*, which is good enough for me.
But, I'm having a blast and looking forward to some good food, so that's all I can ask for!
This is the first time I've used apple (other then saw dust while doing chops on the grill) and I must say I'm hooked. I'm looking forward to using the cherry next weekend
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picked up two packs of those yesterday myself!
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It was too good of a deal for me to pass up! Well, I had to go add some more AJ and water to the pan, so I thought I'd share a little food porn w/ you....enjoy!

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Well, with 25 minutes to go, I went looking for the cooler to let them rest, and come to find out the wife put the cooler in a freezing cold garage!!! I had to run outside, get it out of the garage, and as expected, it's freezing inside!!!! Well, looks like I'll have to make her (yea good luck MAKING) her pull out her hair dryer to warm the inside of that puppy up after a bonehead move like that!!!!
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Those ribs look great!!! They're gonna make a good meal if they haven't already. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thanks!! They're actually resting right now. It's kind of a late dinner for me and the better half. I got a pic of them after they came out, so I'll post more pics later after we're done grubbing! For what it's worth, they look even better now!
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Well, here is the final product. These were by far the best ribs I've made yet. I think I finally got the rub dialed in, along w/ the mop.
After pulling them

Right before grubbing
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifAwesome job.
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nice smoke!!! need to hit up sams myself.PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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Nice job on the ribs. They look great. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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