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erain and wutang inspired chipotle pastrami ribs

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Recently wutang cured and smoked some ribs based on some erain had done before that. Needless to say it was an awesome idea and something I just had to try.

Made up a tiny batch of injection cure as well as some dry cure both with a little chipotle in them.
Gave the ribs a quick trim job and went to work.

Gave a good squirt of injection in between each bone then coated with the dry cure mixture, vac sealed and into the fridge overnight.

Next day I removed them and gave them a rinse then coated with my chipotle rub and into the smoker over oak at 300 degrees.

My Brother likes his ribs with more of a crust so I left the two cut unwrapped, the main piece I did a 2-1.5-.5 method.
Also as a snack I tossed on a few mushrooms I had in the fridge, smoked them cap down for 45 minutes (was going for half an hour) then topped with a new Borden chipotle cheddar cheese that actually has a nice kick.
They were a little over done because I forgot I was running the smoker at 300 and not 225-250, still delicious though.

They were delicious, saltier than I would have liked but I knew they would since I didn't soak the meat and wutang claimed the same thing when he did his. Besides that they were fantastic.
Thanks for looking and thanks for he inspiration erain and wutang PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great looking ribs smoke. In the words of my mother..."boy, one day you're gonna turn into a chipotle pepper." LOL

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Looking good man.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking ribs! I'll have to try curing some.
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those ribs look incredibly tasty, how bout i send you a couple shrooms and you send my half a rack

what does the vacumn seal for marinade do better than just in a tupperware? does it help draw the mixture into the meat with no air?
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Man everything looks so good. Nice Job Jim...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You got a deal!

I like to use the vacuum seal when curing so it will press the cure into the meat more and it is easy to flip around and massage which I do with all my cured meats at least twice per day.
I cured some pork a while back for capicola but the middle never got any cure into it and it went bad so i had to toss it, ever since then I have been doing it this way.

Speaking of capicola, been a while since I made some, another great thing that RonP turned me and several other folks onto about a year or so back.
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Those look freakin amazing! So many way's to do ribs, so little daylight in a day. Well, at least I got new variations to try while I'm studying for classes starting next that a good thing or bad thing? Lol!!
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Looks great. Great pics along the way. Points-worthy but it won't let me. mad.gif
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