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DIY Paprika

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Was thinking about trying my hand at making my own paprika but I am really unsure of how to go about it and what peppers to get. Any help would be greatly appreciate it.

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Is it a question of availability? Seems like a lot of effort for something that's easily purchased? You serving in Naples? I'll send you some if you'd like? Just send me a private message and let me know.
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You will need specific peppers but I would send ALX (Alex) a message, he grows many strains of peppers and makes lots of powders (among other things) from them every year.


Just remember that all paprika is not the same.
The stuff that you can pick up for $1 is not the same quality or flavor compared to a good Spanish or (my personal favorite) Hungarian, a big part besides the kinds of peppers is also the growing conditions.
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It is not a question of availability as I can always online, just something that I was thinking about trying. I have done a little research and I know that you have to have a butt ton of plants to even make enough to rub a shoulder. Just something that I was thinking about.

I am serving in Naples and if it was up to me I would leave here tomorrow with the clothes on my back, my wife and my two amazing girls.

I normally get my stuff from Spice Barn, but was looking at getting some Jap seeds and saw some of the kolocsa pepper seeds and got interested.
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