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Looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif and I'd take those welds anyday
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man keep up the good work! lookin really nice! great weld job too by the way. can't wait to see some qview off hericon_mrgreen.gif
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looking good.. one of these days im gonna have to do one of these...
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Ok got a bit more done, last couple week ends have been eaten up doing a remodel at my mother in laws house.
And I really didn't realize how much time was going to be involved with building this but I'm sure it will all be worth it.
Still have a little bit to do but ran out of materials last night. Still need the handle on the door, the door stop, the expanded metal around the sides of the wood basket, and the work tray out in front.
Overall I'm rather pleased with how its turning out. Cant wait to see it finished with paint.

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Looks awesome. Nice looking smoker.
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very nice keep pics coming
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That is a coool smoker, good job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Finally Finished!!

OK got side tracked the last few weekends doing a remodel on my mother n laws home but this morning I have finally finished it!
Wasn't sure if i was going to weld a tray on it because it wouldnt have fit through my side gate so I came up with a removeable one that hooks onto the tank and rests on the legs.
Overall I'm pretty pleased with it, was way more time consuming that i had originally thought it was going to be. Took me longer to make this smoker than it did to make my trailer in the pic.

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Clean job, looks great! gotta love that sense of pride a guy has when he builds his own toys. Good work.
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I am continually impressed by the skills of folks on this site. also incredibly jealous. Great looking build man!! Many happy smokes ahead of you on that rig.
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So after building this baby I'm having a lot of requests from people to build them smokers, even have a rib catering guy down the road asking me to build him a bigger one on a trailer.
So what do ya guys think would be a fair price to sell a reverse flow like the one I've made above?
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check out lang's website and i think that will give you an idea.
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Very impressive, thats a really good looking smoker, waiting to see some q-view off that one....FIREHERUP
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Love the fire box. Most likely going to replicate that myself. Question I have is what is the valve with the bucket for?

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The valve and bucket are to catch the grease that drips from the meat onto the reverse flow plate.

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