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Am I crazy? Where's the membrane?

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Am I the only one that occaisonally finds ribs that have already had the membrane removed?
Often when buying Spares from Costco and recently bbr's from Lucky's I get racks where there is no membrane. There's still a really thin silverskin, but nothing like a normal membrane.

Is the butcher removing these before packing, or do some pigs perhaps have thinner membranes?
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I have to believe that the butcher removed it. I don't think the animal could breathe without that membrane between the ribs and lungs.
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Pretty common for me to find it gone on fresh packed bb ribs. Never have on spairs.
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I have always found a membrane on spares...on baby backs, occasionally I can't find one to remove. I don't know if it is so thin that I just can't get under it and have it remain intact to remove or if someone (maybe by mechanical processing??) has already beat me to the punch. In those instances, if it ain't there, it ain't there, so I go ahead and rub away.
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Always on spares. On bb's it can be hard to find. If it's not readily apparent on bb's I just scrape the blade of the knife along the back a few times to remove any excess. Never had a problem.
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I have not been a costco member very long, but I have bought a few racks of BBs in that time and all had the membrane removed.
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the last several packs I have bought at Costco did not have the membrane on them, it was removed already.
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All my spares are from Costco, but never had the membrane removed. I usually get the cryovacked ones so I would imagine the Costco butchers don't touch them.

Do you buy the ones that the butcher kinda folded up on itself, and package in Costco wrapping? Perhaps they remove the membrane on those... would it be for easier folding as well?
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Now maybe the mambrane is removed but I have never seen a rack of ribs that didn't have the membrane.
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I have encountered that situation with pretrimmed and boxed spares. Every summer someone will have a ten pound box for sale, and they are trimmed with the membrane removed. Nice deal when it's offered.
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I've never had a rack of ribs that didn't have the membrane.
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Several months ago, Costco ran this piece about their ribs. The membrane is removed before packaging.
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I have ran into that once or twice myself. I also buy my spares at Costco, and once in a blue moon there will be no membrane. Meh - saves me the work. biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the article Acemakr, now it makes much more sense. Thanks to all for the responses!
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