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Thanks to all of my new friends here, my first batch of spare ribs (or anything Q'd for that matter) came out sweet, smokey, tangy and a little spicy, slightly firm, juicy as can be...and did I say INCREDIBLE/BEST I EVER HAD?...thanks in large part to this great forum and it's participants! Lucky first shot I guess!

Now I have a big problem. I need to gauge how my ribs taste as opposed to the 50,000 forum members here at SMF.

I will need addresses, phone numbers, and smoking times in order to make my rounds around the country for the next 15 years and taste what you guys are up to. Is that a deal??? Here are the gastro-pornographic pics of "my day at the Q":

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Thanks Don, my Orlando friend! I just posted the money shots 5 minutes ago.
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I like that thin pen thingie that is like 74 bucks. Cook's Illustrated loved it. Might have to settle for a Taylor instant read dealio.
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Sorry to confuse you, but I got the $10 delio, not the $74 thingie!!!

I remember when you were going to buy the "Little MES" and the boys here all told you to pony up for the 40" MES @ SAMS for $299.

Was it worth the extra $100?

I too listen to their words of wisdom!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I'll never know. Thanks for the compliment!

Stainless is painless and steel is real, but the 30 inch momma was also a steal......
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The $74 thingie is the Thermapen and it's great. Use mine a lot and not just on Q
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Nice job insight it feels GOOD!!!

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More like a mad scientist really... PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Hey hey hey there!!! Don't be goin' quotin' mah posts and then changin' mah' words! Mr. Ron might rightly get pissed of at my butt! Ron is mah' budinski!
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You did great on both the qview and the Ribs...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking first time ribs man.points.gif
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Thanks Paul. An honor coming from a learned old-timer and Blue Smoke veteran!
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Thanks to you also Ron, another Order member and MES owner. I am no longer a virgin!!!

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