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Package From TasunkaWitko!

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Got a great package today from TasunkaWitko, way up in the cold northern frontier! Lots of great tasty stuff, and excellent reading too. The best part of an exchange in the winter is getting your beer delivered COLD! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

From Left to Right, back row-

2 bottles Flathead Lake Monster Hand Crafted Huckleberry Soda. Unforunately one blew the lid and got the bottle-end of the box damp, but thankfully it stayed intact.

1 bottle Montana Moose Grill "Brown Ale BBQ Sauce". Looks really good and has Montana Brown Ale in it...can't wait to try it.

2 bottles Trout Slayer Ale, from Missoula's Big Sky Brewing Co. I am drinking one now and let me tell you folks, this is some OUTSTANDING ale! Gotta love it delivered to my doorstep perfectly chilled......

1 bottle Rocky Mountain Honey Bourbon BBQ sauce

1 bottle Rocky Mountain Mandarin Sweet & Spicy Sauce

1 big bottle Montana Moose Grub "Beer-Bread in a Bottle". This is cool, just add the beer to the premix and presto! This has to be good!

Package Extra Hot Habanero Pretzels, and pack of The Colonel's huckleberry popcorn.

Center Row-

A top quality card-stock art calendar of Charles Marion Russel's works. If you like Western themes, he is one of the best. Turn of the century works that bring the "real" west to life.

4 in the series of "Foods Of The World" books, now out of print. Hard to find collection that covers the foods, the culture and the countries. Tas sent The Great American West, The Cooking Of Scandinavia, Quintet of Cuisines (Switzerland/The Low Countries/Poland/Romania/North Africa) & Latin American Cooking, with a recipe booklet for it as well.

Several artisan bread baking booklets as well as a package each Huckleberry taffey and Huckleberry jelly beans. I got into the jelly beans during the picture and they are GREAT!

Big thanks to TASUNKAWITKO for the package of goodies, and certainly appreciate the thought. Great program we have here!
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hey, john! glad that you are happy with everything ~ it's jsut a small thank-you for all of the awesome stuff you've sent over the past few months, bud!

very sorry to hear about the huckleberry pop blowing out, and glad to see that the trout slayer survived; i'll send some more this summer and you can give them a try in some bbq mops and/or sauces.

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Great package you recieved John-looks like some real cool stuff!
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Excellent exchange. I see you have a book on Artisan Breads. Sure hope you try some of them and post pics and recipes.
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What an exchange package!! Nice scores for both of ya's. icon_smile.gif
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Great exchange John, never heard of beer bread in a can but that is a great idea!
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Wow great package John.!! You and Ron really have that exchange program running on all cylinders! Always nice when beer is left on your doorstep icon_mrgreen.gif
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That's the best part Keith~ Local barbecue sauces are good, however local beers are better!
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Great exchange guys. Rivet, you're gonna be pooping blue for a month with all that huckleberry stuff.

I've seen the Trout Slayer Ale around here. Gonna have to give that a try.
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Great Exchange... Some real nice trade items...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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