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Smoker pic

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Very nice indeed!
Welcome to the site.
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Very nice. Do you have pics of the inside you can share also?
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First off welcome to SMF. Yes thats a really nice rig you have there Harv.
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pretty cool set up........
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I'll look for inside pics, but it's cabinets, 4 sinks, freezerless fridge, water heater and counters......and tunes
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nice job. i gotta build me one of them!
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Hello Harv, and welcome to the fourms! Very nice rig.
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Yea we need to see more pictures of this smoke trailer. Both inside and out.
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Show off !!!! Might be in need of an upgrade.
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Very nice....Welcome to the SMF
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nice setup, welcome
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Welcome to the SMF. Nice setup, I bet the family loves it. i would. It's all good my friend.
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Very nice I have never seen a set up like that before. Maine is beautiful reminds me alot of northern Minnesota. icon_smile.gif
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Very nice!! Love that setup!!
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Welcome to the forum. Is that a Southern Yankee??? I am looking at one for a possible catering business.
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Welcome to the SMF. Enjoy your stay!
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Sebago is a great place! Nice post!
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Welcome to the SMF. Nice rig.
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Impressive looking smoker, nice job! icon_smile.gif
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