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Cure Question??

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I made fresh (no cure) bulk andouille sausage last week and froze it. I was wondering if I could unfreeze some of it, add a cure, stuff it and then smoke it. Or does the cure have to be added when it's made?
Any input is much appreciated.
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As long as you watch your exposure times to the danger zone you can cure after the mix was frozen.

Force the slacking and then add your cure, add the cure by dissolving it in ice water and mixing it into the meat.
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I would say if Bbally said it's ok then I would believe him. He's that good I think.
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I'm not really sure what you mean by "force the slacking"
My plan was to dethaw in the fridge, dissolve cure #1 in water & add it to the sausage, stuff, leave in fridge overnight to cure then smoke in my little chief @ 160* untill done @ 150* internal temp & hopefully not make anyone sick.
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