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Welcome to SMF Joe. There are ways you could still utilize the smoker for tailgating you could pre-smoke the meat then warm it in the smoker along with doing other things like ABT's that don't take near as long
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Hmm, thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to start up a thread with my situation and see what people suggest. Really sucks with the enforcement of these rules at all these nfl stadiums, I would be happy to pull up the night before and smoke up a whole batch of ribs and brisket, but they just won't let you do that.
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Don't let the time constraints bother you. There are lots of foods you can smoke in that time frame. Virtually any chicken (except the whole bird--maybe even that), steaks, burgers (GREAT, btw), dogs, brats, pizzas, and breads come to mind as possibilities.

"One is only constrained by the limits of his/her imagination.....and their pocketbook.icon_wink.gif" --Dirt Guy, 2010
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This man speaks the truth
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Being a NYer I don't know that I can sell anyone, myself included, on smoking pizza. Now, smoked mozzarella on a brick or coal oven pizza firing at 800-1000 degrees, that is more like it!

I am going to get myself one of those 22 wsm bullets and give it a go, start out with ribs and go from thereicon_smile.gif
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Smoker looked pretty kewl! How did the temps hold? Does the smoke come out of all 6 pipes, or are some for looks only? couldnt really tell on TV. Did they pre cook the pig somewhere else? Missed some of the unveiling with my kids going wild that time of night.
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Wish I could give you some better info, but like i stated earlier (i think here but not sure) the whole thing was kind of a bogus story. I didn't really go to them to have this built, they wanted to build a smoker as some kind of tie-in with pitmasters so they needed a backstory or reason to make it. They found my site on the web, liked my story, and asked me to come in to their shop and play off that I was coming to them to make this thing for me. So in actuality I do not get to keep it. I was originally supposed to cook on it for the unveil at the game, but we had a snowstorm the night before and the logistics of it just didn't work out. They fired it up and cooked up the pig at their offices in newburgh the night before. Jim Quinn said it was tough getting it up to and hold temp, due to the low temps, winds, and snow. They then drove the 2 hours or so to the game and re-fired it up. To tell the truth, it was pretty overdone. I do believe the smoke came out of all the stacks but I am not sure.
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Wow that is so lame you didn't get to keep it. I always disliked that american chopper show, this makes me dislike it even more!!
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That is pretty lame.
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I bet they approach many of their jobs the same way. It's all about ratings etc. all smoke and mirrors. So much for "reality" shows. I have to say as a motorcycle entusiest, I find myself watching that show from time to time. I caught the story when they were building the smoker.
After here how it all played out... I agree... LAME! PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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That is a good point. Notice how many of the choppers they've built for people are in their showroom ..
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