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shoulder try

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Gonna do my first solo pork shoulder this weekend, I got jeff's rub and sauce recipe's and am going to give them a whirl for the first time as well. I was unclear on one of the instructions for shoulders though, and I thought one of the otbs could clear it up for me. When you rub them, I was planning on wrapping in saran and leaving in the fridge overnight (or for at least ten hours), is this ok? Or is that a bit too long?
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I always rub my shoulders and ribs and wrap in plastic overnight. No problem with that.
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everyone has a personal preference......me personaly i don't do it until i'm ready to smoke, usually i start the fire and then work on my meats. about an hour later i toss 'em on. someone will post something different and why. i say do it a couple of ways and then you decide what you like....that's part of the fun! good luck and i'm sure you will do just fine.
p.s. don't forget the pics!
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I personally rub mine the day before, then wrap and into the fridge. I've done it from anywhere to 24 hrs to 6 hours in advance and have had success with both. Remember, the longer it sits in the fridge rubbed, the longer the rub has to penetrate the meat giving extra flavor. Plus, I always love the smell when I get into the fridge for something and I can smell that beautiful smell of the rub doing its work! But, it's all personal preference. Try one version this time, and next time, try the opposite to find out what one you like best. Either way, you're going to end up w/ some really good Q.
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