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Smoking whole chickens

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smoked some whole chickens. Had them on the smoker for about 2 1/2 hrs. and then wrapped them in foil and finished them in the oven. Brought to 175 and pulled them and let them rest. The breasts were okay but the thighs and legs were tough and stringy.

What should I do? What do you guys do?
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I don't foil chicken. What temp were you smoking at and OVEN baking at? where on the chicken were you taking the internal temps? Chicken seems to benefit from higher temps.

Now where's that qview?
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I'm a spatchcock guy. At 325* directly over low coals, my birds usually take about 90 minutes or so.

You might also want to brine/marinate them overnight.

And there's always a can of beer looking for a chicken.
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i did not have a thermometer on my smoker then. I put the oven on 220 and brought it up to temp
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I'll brine for around 3 hours, and smoke with apple wood at 325* until 180 in the thigh/165 in the breast.

I never foil chicken = rubbery skin.
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Cook your chicken at 325-350 and don't foil it. You'll be much happier.

Edit: What he said ^^^^
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Just guessing but it sounds like maybe you need to smoke them/bake them at a higher temerature. My experience tells me that chicken doesn't really benefit from a low and slow cooking style.

Curious, why did you take them to the oven?
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What he said. ^^^
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If anything you want to crank up the temp or even throw on a grill for a few to crisp the skin - as others have said foil makes it tough and rubbery
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because I was smoking other meats and I dont like my chicken to be OVER smoked.....if that makes any sense.
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Now thats right you should do the yard birds at a higher temp and let them go to about 165* or so in the breast 170 in the thigh. High temp will help to crisp the skin too.
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You are using the WSM, set it up like a weber kettle and use indirect heat, they will come out perfect, juicy completely cooked, and crisp skin.
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Try spatchcocking them. Might even do the beer can chicken on the gasser.
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Like others have said don't foil and keep the heat at 325, makes for better skin.
Try brining for a few hours and do beer can chicken.
Flavor is unbelievable and very juicy!
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