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question about mods

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ok i have the char griller super pro... i need to keep the smoke in the main chamber more because last time i smoked some ribs i used straight cherry wood and just a lil bit of hickory and didnt get hardly any smoke on the i got some dryer duct and some high heat silicone. my question is.... how exactly does the duct hook up to the exhaust tube? gonna bend the end of the duct to put in the exhaust then run it down to grate level but how do you mount it?? im thinking of drilling a hole on the side of the lid and using a nut and bolt to hold the duct in place. i want to keep the duct as static as much as possible so that i wont have to do it again hopefully. so i figured that if i mount it to the side, it will keep movement of the duct to a minimal thus extending the overall condition and life of the duct. also it does double as my grill but most of the time i done close the lid so i dont foresee this being an issue. just making sure that all my bases are coverd before i mess it up..... thanks guys
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I recently bought the same smoker, and have red all I can here about the mods. Haven't even assembled it yet (I'm so ashamed!). But as I do I will do the mods.

Check out these links to posts with pics.

Good luck!
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What I did with mine was to get a piece of3" round aluminum leader(drain pipe) cut to length from the crimped end and just forced it into the vent pipe from the bottom. It's a real snug fit and should hold by itself, if not drill and put in a screw.
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im sure that i can get the duct to fit into the exhaust tube.... my main concern is that i dont want the duct flapping around when i open the lid. so thats why i was thinking of drilling a hole (on the side of the lid where the exhaust tube runs) down by the grates and using a bolt, nut and washer to secure it in place so that it will run around the with the shape of the lid (keeping it off of the top grate) and keeping the dryer duct close to the grates and secured with the shape of the lid keeping movement to a minimal.
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Here's a pic of mine. It's snaked to the rear of the lid and fastened with a bolt & nut with two washers.

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And here is a picture of mine.

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Mine is the same way as warthog
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Mine is the like wart hogs. Just get a clamp to clamp it on the existing stack inside. I didnt fasten mine to anything else, and it stays in place. I just extended it a little extra, so it holds snug ont he inside lip of the lid and it doesnt go anywhere...
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Yeah... a hose clamp for attaching it to the vent works real well, and down by the grate I drilled a 1/4" hole and used a 1/4-20 bolt, wingnut, and washer to hold it in place. Easy and very secure.
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what does the hose clamp tighten around?
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Mine had a small lip extending off the exhaust hole inside the lid...maybe only 1/2" or so. But enough to get a 1/2 hose clamp onto it and snug it up.
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The exhaust vent protrudes into the chamber about 1/2-3/4 of an inch. Just perfect for a hose clamp.
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No clamps are required. The flex pipe stays just fine with no extra holes or clamps.
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While I have yet to put mine together (work, etc. keeps getting in the way of my fun!), on the CG there is a little bit of the smoke stack sticking out in the cooking chamber. It should slide over that and be fastened with the clamp.

Others who have actually done the mod I'm sure will make it clear if I have not.
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I have done it and NO clamping is required. The flex pipe is a very snug fit..
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