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2 More Meat Loaf creations w/qview

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So the kids asked me to do another ML on the smoker the other weekend. So i added some style since i was craving some Hawaiian Pizza for the football game. One is a Hawaiian with crushed pineapple added to my regular recipe topped off with a few rings. And for the adults i did a blazzin Pepper ML. Added diced Sereno and Jalapenos to my mix. Then stuffed it with a white Jalapeno cheese and sliced Anehiem peppers. Smoked in my usual Pecan/Cherry for 3 hours.....Enjoy...

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That's some tasty meatloaf there!! Excellent....

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Wow!!! Nice!!! Ok? I see how its done now... I did a loaf last night didnt turn out the way i wanted, But Heck we can eat our mistakes, it had a nice deep smoke ring , nice flavor too, but i think i over cooked it, plus i had it on a regular cookie sheet. Bad move, as i see now..
Going to try it again this weekend..

thanks for the post..
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Looks Good!
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Those look awesome - Thanks for sharing points.gif
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Look'in good! I may have to try one of these fancy meatloafs.
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Great Looking Meatloaves...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Ive seen them done on cookie sheets. But on mine i have a 13x9 baking pan underneath with onions, butter, and some rub sprinkled on. I cut a beer can in half to support the center. All the grease drips down and helps to sattaue the onions. I also put the extra pineapple rings in there.....they turn out crispy and YUMMY. Mine take about 3 hours at 230 to hit 155-160. Then last half hour (total time is 3-3.5hours) i almost completely close the dampers on the firebox and baste with BBQ sauce. Pull of grill and let it sit on the counter, or in oven if the dog is inside for 15 min. Then slice and enjoy...
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Man I like those pans with the holes in them. I need to look for some of those. Where did you find them?
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At the local grocery store. Frys Food Marketplace. In the baking isle with all of the pots n pans, sugars, flour and spice n such. Where all of the foil pans are. like the small meatloaf pans. The turkey baking pans. These specific pans are ALWAYS on the top shelf away from view. I gotta get on my tiptoes to reach em. Cant remember the name of them. but they are a dollar a piece. Pic shows veggies being grilled. I also smoke my onion rings on them. Good luck findin them.
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Thanks I will look for them next time!!!!!
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