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quick summer salad.....

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it may not summer yet but it will warm up soon........

cucumber, fresh garden tomatoes, green onion, cottage cheese, s&p, fresh chilis and some rub.

topped with smoked paprika on shredded iceburg with cornbread muffin.

and yes....we do have tomatoes and chilis in the winter......

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AW, that just ain't right!

Posting those beautiful veggies when I'm looking at snow and wind chills below zero icon_neutral.gif
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I just sent a PM with my home address for my shipment for that salad and the hens LOL
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^^^what he said^^^
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Wow Rob that's just down right cruel....
but a nice looking salad and veggie plants
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Well chef thats a nice looking salad you have produced there rob. The heck with those guys and their snow and stuff. Heck I even have a tomatoe on my upside down growing bush.
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mark........LOL! my mom had one of those things hanging in her tree!
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and too all of you that have snow, remind me to post pics in the about crispy!
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if i could i would deliver it to yer door.........
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I love the summer, let it come
Thanks for the recipe PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking salad Rob. Love the plants. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Seems to be to be a double edged sword. Yup, moderate weather this time of year in Tempe but when summertime rolls around, it can get up to 110 or 115; not what you'd call pleasant weather either.
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