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UDS questions. What would you pay for a pre-built UDS?

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I current have been thinking about a UDS. I don't have the tools to build one. I did find a local comapny that builds and sells but $350 for a UDS seems high. What do you think?
Also how do you add coals to a UDS? Once its filled does it have enough coals for the entire cooking time?
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Seems kind of high to me but I guess you have to figure your time and the hassle too if you don't want to build it.

The only tools you need to build a UDS are a drill, some wrenches, pliers, wire cutters . . . that's all I can think of. icon_mrgreen.gif

You don't need to add charcoal. Once the basket is loaded, it is good for 16 hours or so.

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It said 380.00 and it comes with one grill? You could build one a lot cheaper. I put a door on mine to add more fuel if i need it.
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that's a lot. has them as well. Pretty penny
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Too much, I built my own for around 140.00 and it really works and looks good
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Where do ya live? You can bid on mine...
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That is way to high. I could build one and ship it to you and still make a load of money for that price. As mentioned above all you need is some simple hand tools and a drill and a step drill bit and you are set.
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For that kind of money I get the 22" WSM.
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I'll sell you one for $349! icon_wink.gif

DDave is more established, probably cost you $500!biggrin.gif

Seriously, you can build your own with minimal tools and some help from guys on this board, don't sell yourself short, you can do it and it is more worthwhile!!
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Seriously for sure. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Don't fear the build. Heck the hardest part is finding a darn drum that is clean or at least doesn't have the red liner.biggrin.gif They are seriously easy to build.

I do not weld. I did have a friend tack in the intakes in but that is not necessary. You can use conduit nuts to hold them in place. I had a welding fab shop cut the expanded metal for the charcoal basket but it is wired to a grate with bolts for legs and and bent 1/4" rod for a handle. I did have a friend cut the top out of the bottom of a Weber kettle for the lid mod but many here have done the Weber lid mod with just a strip of metal, clamps and a drill and either bolts or a pop rivet gun.

If you can run a drill, some large side cutters, pliers and other assorted non-complicated hand tools, you're in business. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I have done both.... bought my 1st one from Bubba and built 2 others. Yea, you save some $$$ but then again I like the cool paint job I got on my Bubba one.

I was to lazy to paint my other 2.
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Paid $ 100.00 for mine

I paid $ 100.00 for mine and we build it at a lake get together. I had not seen a drum smoker, till then,

a man showed up with all the parts
and in 45 mins WE had it put together.
That was a bargin for me....
trying to find a barrel that I felt was safe would have been the most dificult part....
This guy was a whiz at the build....and we had a blast with the build....I cook on mine all the time and love it.... He has build 40+ barrels , He is a mean dutch oven cooker also..and has helped me a lot...$ 100.00 for the smoker, and makeing a new friend priceless,,,before the week end was over I could have sold the NEW drum for more than I paid for it was offered $150.00 and turned it down.... and there was A man that sold a put together, Drum for more that I paid for mine and both were happy. He sold his Drum I think for a lot more...
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Thanks Guys. Im going to go for it when I have the time. This may be a stupid question but how do you add woodchips if there is not a door on the bottom?
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When you load the charcoal basket, you will put wood chunks in with the charcoal. When I load mine I place 3-5 fist sized chunks spaced apart so that only one chunk is burning at any one time.
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Yep, what he said. And remember, in a UDS there is no need to add more wood or more fuel. You load it once at the beginning and your good to go.

Well, I guess if you wanted to cook for longer than, say, 16 hours at a stretch you may need to reload. biggrin.gif But I've never found the need to reload.

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Really? So the wood chips wonder burn out after 14 hours? I had to add a ton to my cheapo brinkmann. I just bought a drum for $20.
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You layer chunks of wood throughout the basket of charcoal. The basket burns slowly from the top down, so it takes hours before the charcoal and chunks of would near the bottom burn. Slow, steady, and easy.

Don't forget to post pics from your build!
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