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Using a Rib Rack - Any adjustments needed?

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Hi Everybody,

I'm planning on making 4 racks of full spare ribs this weekend, but only have 3 grates in the GOSM.

I'm planning on using a rib rack for 2 of the racks.

My questions are: Do you need to make any cooking adjustments for the ribs in the rack? Do they cook slower or faster?

Is the highest heat in the GOSM on the lowest grate, closest to the heat source?

I'm not putting all 4 spares in the rib rack because I want as much smoke and air flow between them as possible.

Thanks in advance!
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I would think its the same procedure.

I would just suggest taking some time and a probe and measuring temp at your different racks. On my gosm I am pretty close to the same on all 3, but the top normally seems to be the hottest on mine.
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I use rib racks occassionally. I generally use the middle rack on mine. I agree, the top rack is the hottest on mine. I have had no issues at all. 3-2-1 works like a champ.
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I'm not a GOSM user, but am a frequent rib rack user and I don't change a thing.
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The only time I have used my rib racks is when I was borrowing my buddies Big Green Egg and I didn't have room to lay all three racks out. But now with my UDS and big propane shack I don't need the rib racks my BB's will lay flat on the grates just fine with plenty of room so I don't see a use for the racks. I would do like some of the others suggested try them both ways and see which you like better. After all it only matters which way you like it best. Good Luck.
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I use a rack when I need more space. I normally cut spares in half and put the thickest part down to the water pan on the bottom rack. I can do 3 slabs at a time. I have not saw or tasted a difference from laying or using a rack. To let you know I am doing 12 slabs this way on a WSM this weekend.
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The MES 40" allows you to cook 8 racks layed out flat, but I have done up to 13 racks of ribs at the same time and the only way is with rib racks. The only adjustment is the same adjustment you would have for any increased load. It will take you a little longer to get to temp once your larger load is in the smoker, other than that it is the same. You should check on the meat about 1 hour in to see if you need to rotate the meat/rack, because some meat/rack may be getting cooked at a faster rate.

Good luck and enjoy the extra food......
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My only suggestion would be to put the ribs in the rack on the lower rack so that the smoke will travel up thru them to the other racks or you may not get an even smoke - you can always rotate part way thru
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Cool, thanks for all the replies.

I'll definitely keep all this in mind, and will keep the rack on the lowest grate and rotate the rack as necessary.

I'll try to do some QView, and will post after this weekend.

Thanks again!
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