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Lots of Buffalo

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My friend recently shot a buffalo and is giving me some of the meat. A long with steaks and ground bison, he has some roasts (avg 6-7lbs).

Any tips on how we could smoke these bad boys.

Foil/No foil?
Mopping suggestions?

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I would use an injection (such as Cajuninjector's Creole Garlic) and perhaps even lay some bacon slices on top.
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I think probably the best way to help you is for you to send me some and let me do some testing. Then I'll let ya know the best way. lol. Oh well, it was a thought.
I'm sure buffalo is lean like the other wild game. When I do burger from my deer I mix it 80/20 with hog fat: 80 deer/20 fat. It still seems really lean but it sure is good.
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You can also think about slicing up a roast and making smoked jerky, buffalo makes some good jerky.
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Never personally done it but my friend mops with melted pork lard and his personal spices mixed in.
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