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High Heat Chuck (Shoulder Steak)

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Found a good deal

Marinated a few hours and rubbed

Got the kettle well over 500 degree and cooked 2-2-2-2 minutes a side.
Lump and some hickory for flavor

Made some cayene spinach.Just add dried chopped cayene to some olive oil and garlic and heat a little.Add spinach and some red wine vinegar at end...
Shoulder steak chuck was tender as could be....

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Alex, that is one fine looking plate man! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Now thats some great looking chuckie there Alex. I really like the plate of food also. Hmmm cayene an olive oil spinach ha. That picture is just WRONG alex I didn't know you were so smitten on John Travolta.
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Is that John Travolta or Will Farrel? You've gotta quit switching pictures every day. LOL I miss Gilligan.

Oh yeah, nice looking chuck. Was it tough at all from such a quick cook? I've never had much luck grillin a chuck. tongue.gif

What did you marinade in?
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This was the shoulder steak cut off the chuck Jay....Not the pot roast/smoked low and slow cut(pops hep me)....They usualy say steak for marinating etc....Literaly when i saw the marbling and weeded thru the chucks they had..this was the one....

I use cooking sherry and worschesshire suace and some of my garden garlic as a marinade.....Then i rubbed her homemade style...Tender as jellow and that is the truth my friend,,,

I like gilligan to bro...Need to settle down i guess...LOL!!!!
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It is a Nice pic of johnny...Not smitten,but it did get a reaction my friend...LOL

Proud to be a heterosexual by the way...
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Missed this thread the other day.
Great looking chucks Alex, I need to stop by for dinner PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Since using my propane smoker more often and after discussing HH smoking with you I have been doing more of it and as you said, it works great so thanks!
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Wow ALX, just the way I like it. Love the plated pic Bud. Kudos and PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif to ya...
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