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I'm with Carpetride on this one. Stumps Smokers all the way.

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Gotta love playin' with fire, I'd go offset. If I get lazy down the road I'd say a Treager for the simplicity
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As for the ones I have, my modified SNP is great with lump and splits. If I had my choice of any and an unlimited budget I'd go with a Lang or a Jambo.
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Lang 60 with warmer
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Unlimited budget I'd go for a Stumps Prince.

Failing an unlimited budget........

My small Cobb Cooker, perfect size for just the Wife and I. Will easily cook/smoke a whole meal for 2 and uses only about 12 briquettes to do so. It takes only 10 minutes to fire up and come up to temp.

For any more than two people I'd pick my MES but upgraded to the 40 inch cause the 30 is a tad too small for a whole rack of ribs.

PS........If ronp replies with anything but a 40" MES with window.

I'm traveling down to Gnu Mexico and drowning him in a Vat of Yoshidas.biggrin.gif
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For pure versatility as a smoker AND grill, nothing beats a Weber kettle.
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offset.......with a chainsaw you will never run out of fuel.
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I do love my Lang
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I've tried the kettle and didn't care for it. But, I sure like my side fire pit.
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Im all Weber myself, 22" Kettle for grilling, and the 18.5" WSM for smoking. Cant beat em imho.

Gave away my offset, and sold my GOSM... soon to add a 22" WSM to my Weber family
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Fortunately, we can have more than one PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
I have the Weber for over a decade and have used it for many delicious things.

But I also have the CGSP I got in 2008, and it's my fave for general smoking and for grilling steaks. In fact, the kettle's only been used perhaps 6-8 times since I got it.
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I just this year got rid of my gas grill. I ended up buying a Weber Performer for $188.00. I absolutely love this grill and will never go back to propane.
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I want that open pit they have at the Salt Lick...

I'd also like to go there one day... :D
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I'm still researching but.... 8 Ball says "Traeger Texas" with the WSM a very close second. If I'm wishing, I'll have both.
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I won't ditch my Weber gas grill. It's 11 years old, and still looks great and works properly.

I do toss a few smoke chips in when using it though. Just a small piece of expanded metal between the layers of 'flavorizer' bars, drop the chips onto that one spot... makes a big difference in flavor
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