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New smoker idea

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Hi all new here to this forum. I have and idea for one of those old 250 gallon oil tanks. Its the same concept of an UDS only larger. Not sure if it would work the same. I have a few questions for the veteran builders. How large of a charcoal basket would I need to make? Would I need tuning plates over the basket. I have made a quick design on my cpu, sorry for the quality.

Here is one of those old tanks for those who are wondering, its not mine

This is my idea, hopefully you understand what I am thinking
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First off welcome to SMF. Please stopp into Roll Call if you would and intrduce yourslef so we can learn about you and your equipment and give you the welcome we like to give to new members. Now your smokers looks like a good build but you should also check out the new build section of this great site. Enjoy
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Is it safe to make a pit out of a oil container? I was always told that if it wasn't air or non-treated water that it's not a good thing to do.
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Well, at this time you had 105 lookers and one reply with really no answer. My humble opinion is NO. If you want a drum smoker build you one out of a 55 gallon drum. The drum has a great track record and is hard to beat. The true beauty is the natural simplicity and the low amounts of fuel it takes for a successful smoke. Your oil tanker looks like a good candidate for an off set smoker butt it will be a lot of work and expense. And yes, the oil residue will be a problem but still do-able.
OK, I'm done.
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