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Can you soak a butt overnight?

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In some sort of solution to give it a flavor? Has this been done before?
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search "brine"

i do it all the time
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Yeah, you can marinate it, and I have seen quite a few marinades for sliced pork that i have read about that sounded good. If it were me, I would inject because the flavor takes awhile to permate through meat the size of a butt.

Personally I just rub the outside to make good barq and then flavor the meat with a finishing sauce lightly and leave othrs to choose their sauce of hoice for a sandwich when I am doing pulled pork.
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I've marinated mine in different type of sodas overnight, but found that injection is he best way to get the flavor deep inside. Also the type of wood you use greatly alters the flavor IMO.
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Sure you can marinade it in all sorts of stuff. there are alot of good marinades in the marinade, sauces, and rubs section on the front page of this site. Theres a link to it so. Enjoy
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If your referring to a brine yes you can. Just keep it at refrigerated levels. A marinade is different from a brine by the way.
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