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Slumm'en It - Big Bad Pork Chop Style!

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I know this is a SMOKING meat forum, but it's cold out side, and I'm hungry!
I had these big o'l boys soaking over the weekend in a mixture of italian dressing and fresh squeezed grapefruit for my Sunday smoke that I just didn't get to, so tonight I've fired up the grill.....

Thought some might learn something too, so here's how I "smoke" chops on my grill.

Smoke - Treager Hickory pellets that fit nicely on between the side of my grill and the first grate.

Here's what we're up against - Chop's on the right seasoned lightly with Garlic and Season All and a left over T-Bone on the left that will go in hot and quick at the end.

I get the grill good and hot - side burners on high, and give them a good intial sear on both sides - here's the first side.

After both sides are seared, I place them in the middle of the grill over an unlite burner with a spot of Italian on top. You can see just a wiff of TBS...

They will sit in a hickory smoke bath for 20 minutes per side at 300* - 350*

Oh yeah - that's a can of good o'l cheap beer! Had to honor the title.

So.. If you're still read'n, thanks for checking out my post!
Be back soon with the finished pictures.
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There's just a light breeze blowing this way. Thought I smelled something great going on in Fruita!biggrin.gif
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Great looking meal. Those are some meaty chops. The Iowa pig farmers would be proud.
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Thanks, Dude!

Sorry! Thanks, Bassman!

Here's what I ended up with.

Thanks for checking out my slummy supper, even if it was on the grill.
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Great lookin' chopsicon_confused.gif
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Nice job on the hogzilla chops. Marinade sounds great also. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Mmmm... Tracey, Nice looking chops!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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points.gifOk now that look very good
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Thanks Cowgirl!

Thanks, MH! Yeah, the chops were big this year.

Thanks NV!
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Those have to be the biggest chops I've ever een! Nice job. I'd make that meal myself...looks very good!

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