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Dad's Xmas Gift

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I want to thank everyone for all their help. I made the first UDS for myself (mistakes included) and then I built my father one for Xmas. He needed all the help he could get so I included a BBQ Guru DigiQII on his Drum. Also included was a plate made by a friend of mine that does custom motorcycles. The result is attached. The grandkids all call him BOBO so he got a BoBoQ.

For anyone that is curious the paint is black semi-gloss 500 degree engine enamel. The BBQ Guru with the 10cfm fan works fantastic. I light it, ramp the temp up slowly until stable, put the food on and go to bed. In the morning its still pegged at 225 and cruising.
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Very cool!!!
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Now thats a cool looking drum smoker you gave your Dad. Your such a good son. Now lets Q.
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