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Help me choose

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I really want to buy a true smoker. I like my Hasty Bake grill and it does pretty well as a smoker, but i'm having a tough time controlling temps.

I've been looking around and found 2 I like:

and http://www.yodersmokers.com/cheyenne.html

Both are same size and look very similar. Both 1/4" steel. I have seen the Horizon, but not the Yoder. Sounds like the Yoder will be a bit cheaper all said and done.

Any of you have experience with either. Good, bad, otherwise?

I'm going to have to save to buy, so it'll be a bit.

Thanks in advance.
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When I was looking last year I had called and talked to both companies. They are both very good smokers and would be a toss up. What turned me to Horizon was the way they dealt with me. They were very interested in pleasing the costumer. The folks at Horizon will bend over backwards to make your experience the best that could be had.

I was new to offsets and probably called them more than I can remember and each and every time I called they were kind and courteous. They even gave me a discount on shipping and any upgrades I bought.

Give them both a call and see what they can offer you.
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Get a 22.5" WSM and save half that money!
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The WSM is a very good unit, I have the 18" BUT it's not quite in the same class as the smokers mentioned imo.
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Wow, those are both alot nicer than my rig. I'm with Rick on this, I imagine they are very similar in quality...so the issue becomes customer service and customer satisfaction. I'll bet you'll be happy with either rig. Good luck and happy smokin', with whichever one you decide on.
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I have contacted Yoder. The owner emailed me back the first reply Saturday, and the second reply Sunday. Thats pretty good.

I'm waiting to hear back from Horizon. Emailed them earlier today.

As far as picking a different grill - like the Weber, well I really want the offset fire box style. I know there are lots of cheaper grills out there, but if I can save for a year and buy a grill that will last a lifetime and more, i'd rather do that than run off and buy a $200 grill from Lowes that will last a few years - then rust and die.

I do grill a LOT. Use my Hasty Bake as often as 4-5 times a week. Weather never been a problem. I've been out there during many snow storms. Now that i'm smoking, I've been trying to smoke at least once every 12 days (my work schedule is 8 on, 4 off).

So I figure a lifetime investment is worth it.
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My personal preference would be "The Good One Smoker" by Ace of Hearts BBQ. It is the best smoker I've ever owned and I've had a few in my day. www.aceofheartsbbq.com
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Those are both very nice smokers and I think you would be happy either way. I have a Brinkmann snp which is a offset. I really enjoy smoking on it and personally I think stick burners are the way to go.
Here is another option for you.
http://www.bellfab.com/ Several members here have had this guy make them one and they speak very highly of his work. He will custom do anything for you and he is about the same price or a bit cheaper than either you have listed.

Does Yoder or Horizon have a dealer near you? If so that may be the way to go. Shipping these things drive the cost up considerably unless you don't mind an excuse for a road trip icon_smile.gif
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Looks like the Yoder is 4" longer which should add approx. 60 more square inches of grill space. When RickW ordered his Horizon I started looking into them, both look to be very well built.
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Horizon claims the guy making Yoder grills is an ex-employee. Sounds like Horizon makes a great claim about standing by their product.

I don't think I could go wrong with either.

Bell Fabrication must be in or around Tulsa (based on the phone number). My inlaws are their. I'll be back well before I order the grill. So i'll definitely try stop by and see what he has to offer. Thanks for the link.
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When I talked to Rodger Davidson (owner of Horizon) he told me that the owner of Yoder was an ex-employee of theirs. I have no reason to doubt him and if you look at the smokers themselves they are almost mirror images of one another, coincidence, I doubt it.

Like it was said before, call them and see who has the best deal for you.
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My grills don't have rust problems because even though I use 'em all year, I always put 'em in the garage after use. If you're willing to do that, even a CharGriller or cheap Brinkman should last a decade or two.
Yeah it is worth it, if it's what you choose. No one can argue against that decision.
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Be nice if I didn't have one of these modern garages that barely fits 2 cars.
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My garage only fits one car... ya gotta prioritize biggrin.gif
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yep, just outside of Tulsa towards Owasso, don't get me wrong the horizons are killer smokers, I would have got one but the Bellfab was 1/3 the cost even with thicker steel. He charges about the same for a trailer pit as others charge for a patio unit. Great guy to do business with also.

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Check out Tejas smokers, online. They look very good and there are alot of pictures.
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I purchased a 24 x 36 bellfab in November. I had looked at the 18 x 24 Horizon before deciding on the Bellfab. I think the Horizon was $650, 1/4" steel, the much larger Bellfab start at $450, 5/16" steel. Pretty much a no brainer.
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It's a nice unit. How well does it keep temps from side to the other? Any close up pics?
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Those Tejas smokers look great, but will end up costing about $ 350 more.

I'll let everyone know what I decide on. Started my saving today. Only about 10 months to go.
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Lifetime Guarantee

1/4" new plate, double sealed doors, every grate framed, all custom cut hinges, no one is doing what we're doing www.bighatbbq.com
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