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I agree with all previous posts. I would like to add that moderation is important in controlling diabetes. Most Type IIs are the result of bad diets over the years and an emphasis is placed on weight loss.

No way of cooking is prohibited. Smoking adds great flavor with no extra fats or calories. After cooking remove all visible fat from your wife's portion. Be creative in your cooking. Keep portions reasonable.

Look at your wife's disease as an opportunity to relearn how to cook. Learn and appreciate new flavors. Smoked vegetables with a light brush of herb infused olive oil is a great food to "fill up on" while dining on well trimmed brisket or home made sausage. Sugar based sauces are a staple in our hobby but this is an opportunity to learn about natural fruit based marinades and sauces. Fresh peaches, blackberries, blueberries, citrus added to a tomato or vinegar based sauce with a bit of no-calorie sweetener add a depth of flavor and complexity.

Your wife will learn to eat a lot of salad. Use smoked chicken, cheese or bits of smoked fish to add flavor to these salads.

Learn about the glycemic index. Combining low index foods with high index foods lowers the rate of absorption of the sugars provided by the high index foods. This produces a moderate plateau effect of blood sugar levels instead of the dramatic spikes found when eating high index foods by themselves.

The most important thing about controlling diabetes is dedication to a life style that to most of us find different from the way we spent most of our lives. Exercise, portion control, attention to food selection and medication are the key to control.

Look at this as an opportunity to experiment with new flavors and techiques.

Great advice!
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Carbs are the key here. Not fat. Not smoked meats.

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