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She is a type 2
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I have been a type I diabetic since 1976, and believe me being type I is no fun. One thing I have to give myself credit for is that I am in fairly good shape for a guy that smokes 2 packs a day, and drinks 1 case of Coors light a week. I was running 2 Bloodhounds 5 days a week, up till about 9 years ago. Getting too old for that now. So now I walk about 10 miles a day. Too old to run with the hounds.
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Lots of good advice here. I'd like to suggest that you check out a program called "Protein Power Life Plan" by Micheal R. Eads. Him and his wife also have a book out called "The Low Carb Comfort Food Cookbook" which has some fantastic low carb recipes. I have no connection with the Eads and no Dog in this hunt either. I will say I have been somewhat following the plan since last October and have lost almost 20 pounds, but more important my Doctor has also let me quit taking the Blood Pressure medication I had been on for 15+ years. Gotta be something in reducing the Carb intake that works.
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Thanks for the info Striper, I'll check it out.
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With a good moderate diet and a fair amount of exercise you can reverse that type 2. You can smoke turkey, salmon, veggies, and yes, even lean pork until the diabetes is under control. Then you can start back on the brisket, ribs, and the like - in moderation. It was the overconsumption and laziness that got us into the situation. Behavior control and exercise will bring you back. When I started on the Nintendo wii Fit, it would tell me every day after weighing in "that's obese". Not a nice thing to hear every day. For the better part of a year it said "that's overweight". Today it said "that's normal". I'm keeping it that way.
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It can also be heredity.
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This is an old thread but would like to see if anyone has anything new to say about this?
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Me too Dave!!!!

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I'm Type 2 and well controlled with Metformin (last A1C was 4.7).  Smoked meat is perfect.  You don't have to eat zero carbs, just test using your meter and stay below 140 (7.8 for us Canucks).  If you eat low carb, a bit more fat doesn't hurt, and if you avoid prepared foods and all their extra salt, a bit of salt in your smoked meat is fine. 

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This sort of thing gets discussed on the diabetes forums very frequently.
Dietitians say lots of things, usually inline with ADA recommendations or the status quo in general.
Many diabetics, myself including have found that such advice is very bad and some of us do MUCH better on low carb and reasonable amounts of good fats.
I eat all the smoked meat that I want and more! biggrin.gif

Keep in mind that MOST dietitians shun smoked meat in general, not just for diabetics!!!!!!

I discuss the diet I'm on in the following threads.......




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Thanks Rusty and Martin! I appreciate the info and am going t read your links Martin!
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Thanks guys. My Mom is type 2.

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my grandad and nana both just remove all fats from smoked meats from their bbq....lean brisket, no skin on chicken and use the breasts, pork loin instead of shoulder

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also now use very lean ground beef 

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I would recommend a LOW carb, MEDIUM protein, HIGH fat diet to control the diabetes. 

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 I have found many good sugar-free recipes in the book Paleo Grilling, by John Whalen. The Paleo crowd seems to remove most of the same things a diabetic should avoid from a diet.

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My wife was diagnosed type 2 several years ago and she controls it very well with diet and Metformin. The key for type 2 is counting your carbs. It's not the sugar, or the fat, it's the carbs that effect your body's insulin production, sure sugar is bad for you but it's the carbs in sugar that do the hurting. She loves all the great smoked food from the grill and I cook without using a lot of sugar in the rubs, or the BBQ sauce. As has been stated moderation, exercise and a low carb eating plan will keep your diabetes in check. 

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hey bud hows it going well i got good news and i got bad news well the good news is me and the wife are making rubs and spices made for diabetics bad news is we live in canada and we are just starting out and are just in the process of building  the company so when we get it going i will get back to you for sure! we are going to have bbq spices and all types of spice that are good for diabetics no salt or sugar but taste great also so once we have the company up and running we'll advertise online for sure

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Originally Posted by sprky View Post

Hi all;
I’m hoping someone out there can help us out here. Wife just recently learned she is diabetic and must take insulin daily. The dietician told her to stay away from smoked meats. We asked why and she didn’t have the answer, it was just on the avoid list.confused.gif We are hoping this is incorrect as we love smoked meats. Normally id be smoking every weekend, but haven’t lately due to this advice, and I’m going through withdraws…PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif .lol. I have some smoked meat in freezer, but not a lot, that I take to work, but that’s not going to last long. I don’t want to smoke more if she can’t have it as it will drive her nuts while I’m smoking.icon_cry.gif SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP US OUT ON THIS GOOD BAD OR OTHERWISE. THANKS

Great advice!
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