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I will never make meatloaf in the oven again w/Qview

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After seeing several threads about making meatloaf on the smoker I of course had to give it a try today.

We get almost all of our beef from a local cattle rancher friend so it's super quality grain fed angus beef. Yum. So I don't like to overpower it with a lot of seasonings and just enjoy the natural great taste of the beef. I put a little cream cheese, shredded colby/cheddar, chopped chipotle's in adobo sauce (plus some of the sauceicon_smile.gif), a little cracked black pepper, sea salt and just a bit of some little of this little of that spicy sauce I made a while back.

Here's the loaf ready to go out and brave the disgusting NM winds in la smoker...

In the smoker with some hickory and a few cherry wood chunks

Added some more of the sauce a bit before taking it off and here's the final result
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Looks great!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Did 1 myself yesterday, used ground turkey & Italian sausage with some sauteed shallots & garlic and some crushed Viet hot peppers. Came out really tasty. Also did mine with hickory/cherry mix!
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How much time and what temps to cook them safely? That looks amazing!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice meatloaf, I feel the same way as you. never in the oven again.

points for a great looking smoke. points.gif
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You can't beat a good meatloaf in the smoker. I agree never again in the oven!
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That is a great looking meatloaf. I'm with you, never in the oven again.

You need to bring these up to a safe temperature for ground meat. 160*F I believe is the recommendation, but I go to 165 or 170 to be sure. And 225 to 275 is a good cooking temp range for these in my opinion.
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Awesome meatloaf, that thing looks delicious.
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I went to 160* and then put it in the oven, just on warm, while I fried some taters and waited for the pinto's to thicken. It was probably about 165* by the time we ate. Thanks for the comments, this place is awesome!
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next meatloaf the wife makes I am trying this!!!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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another convert

Love me some smoked meatloaf

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You will not regret it!
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That looks good to me there. I have yet to try one but I'll take some of that!
Nice work.
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Nice looking meatloaf PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifYou are right, never again in the oven!
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Just wanted to say - great looking loaf. In fact, it inspired me to make one! Did one on Monday night for Tuesday's dinner. Actually sent the wife to work with a smoked meatloaf sandwich - slapped it between slices of the night before's no-knead bread.

She called me at work and left a message:


So, my days of making meatloaf in the oven or grill are over, my friend. This was one of the best meatloaves I've ever eaten.

Anyone that hasn't made one owes it to themselves to try it.
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Great looking meatloaf and I bet it tasted awesome. This is on my list
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yep learn all about here been doing it for over a year never never again in the oven. your look like itPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif was good.
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