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Yes, Guinness is a low carbonated ale. I didn't know how else to describe what they brought me. Not being able to see that wonderful dance that goes on is what I meant LOL.
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I've never seen Guinness served at a pub in cans but get them for home and they pour out pretty good. There is an Irish pub in Columbus that sends the bartenders to get Guinness cetified, at least thats what the guy told me. They said Guinness has a class you can take on the proper temp and proper way to pour one, I'm talking draft here not from the can.
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this pretty much sums up a Guinness experience!
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all this talk of Guinness yesterday, I stopped on the way home and got an 8 pack of cans. Got home and called my friend to come over and "help" me do some electrical work in the basement. Well the Guinness is all gone and wiring is half done, I think it was a successful night.tongue.gif
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sounds like a good night to me. icon_smile.gif I subjected myself to 3 MGD64's instead last night. woulda rather had a guinness but the diet depends on drinking more moderate selections.
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You know I've been on a SERIOUS calorie and carb watch myself and the Guinness is really not bad at all, 125 calories and 10g of carbs. I've been staying between 800 and 1000 calories a day and about 100g of carbs so I can work a Guinness or 2 in there every once in while.
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I was at a local bar last night to listen to a band and they had guinness in the cans. I got one and scored a 250th anniversary glass also. icon_cool.gif
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GUINNESS a litttle bit of heaven in a glass!!
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I say one guinness is better than a case of MGD64's.
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