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Jets suck but my chicken quaterters don't

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Made a couple chicken quarters for the game, coated em with some red chili pepper sauce from COSTCO. smoked for a couple hours and then finished off on the grill to get that crisp skin, hate the rubber smoke skin.

colts and vikings in two weeks!

Just an interesting note for all you snowbirds, the big cold snap we had KILLED every iguana around, they actually freeze and did from the cold, I took a ride down the river today and saw at least 100 floating dead, drove through the park yesterday and saw too many corpes, and buzzards everywhere I guess nature is cleaning house!
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dang, as i was reading your thread i was thinking maybe we were gonna see some smoked lizard LOL!!!
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i'm with you on this as i'm thinken wings for the vikings-jets game.
bingo jets 80 yard TD PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That's horrible for all those lizards, and for you guys. I have to assume that they eat a lot of pests around so hopefully this coming year won't be too bad.
Chicken looks delicious by the way PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Do Iguanas taste like chicken...I wonder?
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Nice use for the sweet chili sauce.... I got a bottle of that sitting in my fridge right now.... hmmmmmm.... might have to just give that a try. biggrin.gif

Nice looking Que!
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all the island guys love the iquanas, but havent eaten one yet, too hard to catch have to wait till the summer and see if any are left then try to trap one
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Sounds like an plan.... little beer, some Cecilio & Kapono tunes, and smoked iguana with sweet chili sauce! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Jets seem to be doing pretty darn good so far but there is still lots of game left and you can't bet against Manning.
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i guess we dont have to worry bout the jets practicing on dolphins home field now!!! that would have been hard to deal with
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No it's PP manning you have to lock up the small kids for. Now he will be in your town for a week. I think you have to watch for those manning's. Hopefully the team that wins the late gmae will better the tar out of the colts and manning too. I know the gators whooped up on him growing up. Oh yea your chicken looks great. Sorry I have a thing about the whole manning clan.
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They look better than your burnt ends...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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What did you use for a smoker?
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well beerbque i agree those burnt ends did not look too tasty

mbali i agree the mannings are an amazinginly talented family, i can only imagine what christmas is like at their house

i sure it is a feather in the gators cap that manning never won a game against FLA

Dude i only have one smoker a GOSM, justy took a shot on my grill at the end finishing them off for a crispy skin
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