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JAK - these are the "types" I've seen in sporting goods stores - GOOGLE Sporting Goods Wok
I will say, after having built six of these, the best kind are shallow - not having the "bowl" shape, because you can't drag your stuff up on the edge, and when it comes to using them as a fish fryer, the "bowl" shape disks take a lot more oil.
I built mine from scratch, using a 24" John Deer disk. These aren't cheap! about $90 just for the disk, but, in my experience, they are the best because the metal is thick - about a 1/4" at the bottom which retains the heat, and you can weld them very easily. I paid $35 for a 24", off the self, Brazilian disk (metal usually has a stamp on it where it is made), and it had so much carbon in it that even after heating it before welding it up, it cracked at each weld.
So... if you don't have the tools to make one, I would go with what you can buy and sit in on a turkey fryer - you can still turn out a lot of good grub on one.

Thanks, Chainsaw!

What the heck is Paellaicon_question.gif Sounds like I gotta try it!

SF - I found that using NEW disks is the best. The OLD disks that I have tried to use (three of them), have always ended up being so rush pitted that it just wasn't worth it. For things like eggs, potatoes, gravey, you want a solid, smooth surface, otherwise it can be a pain in the !@# cleaning them IMHO.

COWGIRL - missed our quote...sorry!.. THANK YOU! I've seen your's - work GOOD, don't they!

Thanks for reviving this post.
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Somehow I missed this post. Worst of all, I missed breakfast!PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif I have to give you points.giffor cooking on a piece of farm machinery. Great looking breakfast, Tracey.
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Thanks for the points, Keith! Dumb o'l farm boys cook on dumb o'l farm equipmenticon_smile.gif
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