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Bbally - St. Louis Style Ribs

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My first lesson in butchering, Bbally style.

Used his tutorial to make these 3 slabs of ribs...

I could have swore I got pics while I was cutting them. I was surprised to not see them on camera disk when I took it out...

I fought WIND all day. Never had this problem before, not even in that ice cold smoke I did. 52* was the high but the wind didn't give me 10 minutes of rest without attending to the smoker in some way...

Anyway, they turned out just fine I think, and our guests just loved them!!

I had 'pullback' which Bbally said shouldn't happen, but it did for me... probably cuz my temps were all over the place. But they were the PERFECT texture and moisture.

Took a pic of the coals after the smoke, I always think this is a pretty site!!!

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Nice smoke ring!!! that look delicious. thanks for sharing the Q-view
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Nicely done. Higher temps will cause pull back. But I bet it did not change the taste! Looks good!points.gif
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Thnx to the thread you did...

Yes, the taste was great.
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Looks great. I like pullback. Gives me a handle. LOL. Well done!
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I'm with Rick I like the pull back and it does give me a handle. But with or without they look great and I love the meatyness of those ribs. Do you think you can send some down here to Fla. The ribs here are like our deer small and almost meatless. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice looking spares indeed! Great job. I have to find that tutorial and bookmark it. I like the pic of the coal bed. What type of wood did you use? points.gif
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Those are some nice looking ribs and so meaty!
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MMM,, them some nice looking ribs there eaglewing, great job. Nice and meaty. That pic of the coals is cool.

You know, that pic would make a pretty cool desktop screen on your computerPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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It's a sticky now..
Great looking ribs. I tried my own from the tutorial today as well...
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LOL!!!!! I ALREADY DID THAT!!! it looks awesome too PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I used Apple and hickory chunks with LUMP and some briquets thrown in there time to time.

Speaking of which, have you guys seen this LUMP that Sam's is carrying???

Check out the SIZE of some of the pieces!!! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

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Dammmmmm. Thats a tree trunk in a bag. Did they just start carrying lump? I have never seen it there. How much a bag and how did you like it? Burn good?
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I think maybe $15 or $17 for 40lbs, I don't remember. but WOW, you get a couple HUGE pieces and when I threw them on they lasted pretty good.

It's a NEW item I've never seen before
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